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[ Let me explain Nexus.

NEXUS (nek-sus):
A means of connection; a link or tie; a connected series or group; the core or center.

When I talk about living holistically, this word nexus not only represents my tasks as DJ but as a human; not only my goals as a sound sculptor but as someone on a journey for truth. As John Lennon once said, "I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth." I couldn't agree more.

I was introduced to electronic music in grade 10 of high school. It was 1998 and the world around me was focused on girl- and boy-bands, a comeback of swing music, Celine Dion's hit "My Heart Will Go On" of Titanic fame and the birth of the MP3. My close friend Geoff presented my introduction as I listened to "The Future Sound of London" for the first time. It was incredible. I wasn't following the onslaught of catchy rhythms or incoherent ramblings of young adults trying to pretend they were teenagers. I wasn't interested in sappy, huge budget, cheesy film (that even to this day I can't understand what is so great about them. Don't get me wrong, I weep over film constantly but I can't see why the more powerful and less marketed triumphs are so underrated.)

I used to be into the rave scene. I still am but now it is mostly behind the scenes or behind the decks. I used to go to parties as often as I could and be enveloped by the music. I never was caught off guard by the drugs that are almost synonymous with that environment. For me it was an experience of culture; a fusion of sonance and civilization... and it turned spiritual.

I have known the Christian faith since I was a child. That doesn't mean I have been a follower of Jesus for as long, but looking back now I know that I am where I am today because God is faithful. In those turbulent venues, amongst the wafting smells of sweat, pot and cigarettes, amidst unrestrained music beating against my body and extravagant, aggressive dancing, I would worship. I would let go and connect; I would surrender and be set free. My faith is full of paradoxes. I knew, standing there in the middle of those floors surrounded by people yet feeling autonomous, that God was real... and I needed to find people that realized the same. But how would I do that? I wasn't one for shouting from the rooftops. I wasn't one for shoving faith and belief down people’s throats. But I knew if I could own this, others could as well.

And so my search began. Would I go to as many parties as I could find in a week, networking my way through the crowds? Would I host parties at a venue that I could land? Would I promote and bring people from around the lower mainland to join this already rampant underground community?

In a search without direction or a real fixed point of reference I started to plug myself in to youth work - as a leader, mentor and friend - all the while putting this vision on the backburner, still keeping the pilot light aflame. It would never be distinguished. In fact I am still an active part of CLCC Youth which has been my home community for over ten years. Through this work the dream found some fuel and rekindled.

Our youth has gone to HistoryMaker youth convention for as long as I have been a part of it. I used to go as a student, but in May of 2002 I had been a leader for over two years. This meant two years out of the rave scene as well. A DJ from the UK named Andy Hunter was there for the first time. I hadn't heard anything about him at this time; as far as I knew he was just another name on the guest list. But the first night there he started leading worship from the turntables and I found it again. It was the same as before but I met it with a few more years of maturity and persistence behind me. It was unreal. God was real. The same yesterday, today and forever.

From that point I knew I would be the one creating the music. Not creating the party, not creating the crowds, but leading people down a path to a new land. What started as a selfish dream developed into a dream of servant hood; it blossomed into a work of Spirit driven leadership and community driven exaltation. What was birthed was not of me, it was too big and deliberate, too purposeful and groundbreaking. As the scriptures say, " 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts,' declares the Lord."

I bought my gear over the next summer and started mixing in the fall. I had a weekly gig at CLCC Youth, which started to develop into what I refer to as "live sound tracking" - or my prefered buzzword, "Sound Sculpting". I would mix behind spoken word as people told their stories and taught from the scriptures. I would add an element of animation and emotion that had been previously unheard of. Since then I have backed up many speakers, played youth events, day-long venues, parties and even started a scene of my own with a close friend, Beatkeeper. I continue to search for freshness and, lately, just the time to play for the enjoyment of it.

I forget where the name came from. Whether I was searching through a dictionary or sitting and pondering I can't remember. As mentioned previous, nexus means a connected series and it couldn't be more suitable. As a DJ I am constantly connecting two pieces of music together in search of that poignant "third track": when the two pieces of music compliment each other so well it is as if you have discovered a completely new sound. On the dance floor I provide a seamless transition from one song to the next in an effort to keep the bodies moving. Actually, a good DJ will be able to lead that crowd into new territory and take them where he wants them to go. That in itself is connected to worship leading. As the leader you are being led by the Spirit in order to lead people to the presence of the Lord - where He wants them to be. The connection also spills over into the "live sound tracking". I am connecting music and dialogue together, giving it a film-like quality, as it is unveiled dynamically to your sense of sight, sound, and emotion. Moreover there is a gap I am trying to connect from the rave sub-culture to the church sub-culture. Church should never be a sub-culture, instead an inclusive community where people are loved, supported and respected. That may be different from what a lot of people are used to or familiar with. Lastly, the necklace I am holding on my card is something that serves to remind me of my connection to God. It is a connection that is always open from His side but one I have to work hard for on my side; a connection that was paid for in blood on a cross two millennia ago. It's a choice I make every day to take up my cross and follow Him, in His footsteps of love, service and sacrifice.

It has been a wild ride; one I never expected or even dreamed. The craziest part is, I am still finding truth in the strangest places. And just as my search unveils I continue to show people what truth looks, feels, and loves like. ]

[ Nexus - June 6, 2005 ]