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[ Friday, January 31, 2003 ]

[ Had a pretty intense conversation with Josh tonight. It kind of ended ... well, different. We usually come to some sort of conclusion or at least end with closure, but I feel we missed that this evening. We watched David Blane tonight - the street magician guy. I also helped Melody move the last of her stuff that was being stored at the Thorpe's old house. That all happened after drama practice.

I guess my day was quite eventful ... finally. ]

[ Thursday, January 30, 2003 ]

[ Put in a full day of work today. It really drained me, but I suppose it was due the fact I haven't engaged in any physical activity since I have been sick - that is: recuperating since Sunday morning. So, rather than packing up my gear, going to youth, passing around my "sick bug," and possibly passing out from exhaustion, I instead rented The Thing for the X-Box and had a wonderful night doiung something I rather enjoy but don't seem to make time for anymore: playing videogames... Ya nerd! ]

[ Tuesday, January 28, 2003 ]

[ Not much in the way of an entry this evening. I'll be going back to work tomorrow - I guess that means I've gotten better. I did some reading today ... watched some films ... that about does 'er. ]

[ Monday, January 27, 2003 ]

[ Took a leave of absence from work today, on account of my physical condition - that has a nicer ring to it than: "I stayed home from work today because I was sick," don't you think? So no new excitement in my neck of the woods. I did miss Bible Study tonight though, and Warefare Prayer this morning - as foreshadowed in my previous journal entry. I pull no surprises... ]

[ Being sick kind of ruins a good day: I missed church. Hanging out with friends. A fantastic breakfast at my grandparents. D3 - if it was on today, otherwise I missed going to North Langley Vineyard. Our Vietnamese dinner outting. It seems like the whole day was wasted. I mean, I did get to spend a whole lot of time in bed. Ya slothfulness! I hope that I am feeling better soon. In being sick and missing out on things, you start to feel almost excluded from the daily proceedings. I guess I have to remember the sermon from last night: "Praise Me."

I probably won't make it to Warfare Prayer in 6 hours either... ]

[ Saturday, January 25, 2003 ]

[ God is good. Tonight was really good for me. Peace, be still.

I didn't see Bethany, which makes me wonder if she was there at all, because you never miss Bethany. I saw Keela tonight though; that was good. Just like last Worship Invasion she managed to sneakily situate herself right beside me, so when I opened my eyes she's right there dancing away like me. I find that kind of funny. Cool, but funny.

Jill and Lindsay both came too; I wonder what their experience was like? The ended up following me in their car so they could leave earlier. I didn't even notice them leaving; they were just gone.

It's good to worship God. It's good to praise His name. I wish I wasn't sick or I would have stayed longer. My body longed to rest and my throat persisted to burn - not amusing. I just had to sing and dance until I was spent, though. Just praise God. It kept repeating, like the sermon: "Praise Me."

I'm going to watch a movie with the folks now. They just bought a bunch more so they're in "movie-marathon-mode." How's that for alliteration? ]

[ It appears my journal entry did not post last night due to my host being down. You can read it below... ]

[ Long day today. Not as long as yesterday but I am still beat. Jill called tonight in regards to our dinner outing. After hearing Sam's story she doesn't know what to think. Frankly neither do I. We'll figure things out tomorrow.

I was planning to go out tonight but was too tired. Ended up scrapping my nap to learn a new song with Dean. In fact we were working on the song I am going to play in church on Sunday, February 2nd. It's called "Secret Of The Easy Yoke" by Pedro the Lion.

On a side and totally unrelated note: I am not sure what's wrong with my website. In fact I think it's my host because James' site doesn't work either... hmmm... I wonder if Flyte Enterprises Limited does... *checking* ... nope. That's not good. I hope there's an explanation... what if no one ever get's to read this journal entry? Ah junk! And I just spent 10 minutes on it. Well, that's the end of that! ]

[ Friday, January 24, 2003 ]

[ Such a hectic day; I just got home from work 15 minutes ago. I am so drained right now. When work finished at 4:30pm I had to rush around as usual to pick up people for drama and then try to make it to Kristy's on time. But, as soon as that was over and done with, I drove back to work and worked from just after 7:00pm to almost 11:30pm. I am so wasted. I didn't even eat dinner. It seems, however, that I am at a standstill, because if this wasn't an on-line journal I would go much deeper about my day... but alas this is all that will be known. ]

[ Thursday, January 23, 2003 ]

[ Wow, what a night. I sit here, eating a banana - after finishing off some mashed potatoes and a pickle, no less - writing an on-line journal, and unwinding before bed.

Youth was good tonight; Jeremy had a good message about honouring your father and mother - the 5th commandment. Worship was a little shaky at first: I couldn't here my guitar, or Kristy, or my vocals well enough, so with Joel drumming I'm sure timing went to junk. The slower, quieter songs went better, though. I also met a newcomer at youth named Mike, who goes to Abby Christian. He was really interested in my DJing. Hopefully he remembers my site...

I am trying to plan another "Foreign Food Outing," to follow up our East Indian dinner. We are going for Vietnamese this time around and I don't want Alyne to miss out again; she's either working, at school, or doing homework, though. We'll figure something out.

Worship Invasion is this Saturday night, and Jill is really set on coming, which is great because she missed out last month. It was such a powerful experience for me, total abondonment to God, yet feeling total freedom. It's so awesome how you can give your entire life to God and yet experience unrestricted freedom! I also can't wait to be more undignified this time. Just like King David said: "I will celebrate before the LORD. I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes." 2 Samuel 6:21-22. So great!

I was supposed to watch a movie with Casey tonight, but when I took Josh home we ended up talking and getting into another fantastic discussion. I think God really likes putting me into these deep conversations, at least it seems that way. I love them all the same. Long story short we got to know more about eachother's views, strengths, and weaknesses. Good fellowship...

Good night. ]

[ Tuesday, January 21, 2003 ]

[ Brad and Mel came over this evening. We had, what I have previously referred to as, a "Nerd Sesh." They are taking over the youth site chores for me so I don't have to feel obligated anymore - which is good. I informed them about Blogger and Bravenet and about our youth message board too. Now, the only thing left in my hands will be the uploading.

After Dean took them home Stephanie came over to pick up something she left at my house on Saturday. She had some homework to do, and it was already after 9:00pm, so she was going to take off, but we got to talking... We had a great conversation. It was a fairly deep conversation too. We talked about relationships, walking with Christ, and having purpose and meaning in life. I don't know how someone can say a deep conversation can be completely devoid of emotion; I wouldn't want a conversation like that anyway. Needless to say, Stephanie was here until roughly 10 minutes ago. I hope she gets her homework done on time. ]

[ Monday, January 20, 2003 ]

[ Tonight I went to a Young Adults bible study at Ethical Addictions. We are calling it "The Coffee House Tour" because every second week our bible study will frequent the different coffee shops around town. It's a way we can make new-comers and non-believers feel more comfortable. Rather than trying to get them to join our bible study in a home, filled with a majority of weathered Christians, we go out and kind of have an open forum for anyone who is interested.

Tonight we spent our time on the topic: "Where is God in the Midst of Tradgedies?" We had some great discussion and in total had eight people out, as well as three other klatschers that joined in during our conversation.

We were done roughly by 9:30pm, and a myriad of people were starting to show up for the show beginning at 10:00pm. All in all it was a good evening. Good fellowship and good company. ]

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