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[ Friday, February 28, 2003 ]

[ Hey everyone, HEAT is tonight. Be there! If your in jail, break out! ]

[ Thursday, February 27, 2003 ]

[ Yeah, stuff went down tonight... I am in no mood to write about it... blessed be Your name... ]

[ Yeah Tag Board! Give it a shot fellow readers... ]

[ Yeah lasagna! The dictionary definition:
1. Pasta in flat, very wide strips.
2. A dish made by baking such pasta with layers of sauce and fillings such as cheese or meat
Mmmm! Sounds good doesn't it? And I am eating it right now! Sweet on lasagna!

Anyway, enough nourishment nonsense - I am so freaking funny. Youth was really good tonight. Jeremy had a great message on going through hard times. Unfortunately I had songs picked for the topic of Isaiah 61 so the worship was a little off the mark... but I think it still went well. In fact I got two strange compliments about it tonight. Lindsay - a girl I have never met before - told me that she and Sam were talking and that I have a beautiful voice!?! I mean, how am I supposed to respond to that? Then she said they were trying to figure out whom I sounded like because it reminded them of a certain bands lead vocal. I shot out Incubus because of a conversation with Sam I while back about them - he's not a big fan - and apparently that was the band he was thinking of. Now two things I get out of this:
1. I am flattered because I love Incubus and Brandon's voice is rad.
2. I know Sam does not like Incubus so I make a joke about the fact that he says I sound like the lead vocals of a band that he hates... we both laugh.

By the way, I got Alyne to sing with me tonight, too. Man I love that. It has been so long and it's rad to have her harmonizing with me. Speaking of being a long time, I haven't lead worship for a while now, it seems - unless the one song at Full Life counts - and I miss it. I really love leading people into worship and singing out praises to my God. I also miss doing it in church; we must get another young adults team going.

I'm up early tomorrow; I need to be at the office by 8:30am because my brother and my dad have some sort of meeting... I wonder when I'll ever be able to use up my stocked up hours... I guess there's always next month. ]

[ Wednesday, February 26, 2003 ]

[ It's been a while, but Stephanie and I hung out again. We talked until 12:30am at which point I took it upon myself to get up and leave. Actually, I think we were silent more than we talked. It's strange but I had nothing to say. Nothing to interject with. There was no debating - usually a prominent part of our conversations. Though, it was still a little intense at moments; intensity is favorable.

We also watched Road To Perdition tonight. Well directed and had a great feeling and style to it - thanks to Sam Mendes, Conrad L. Hall (rest in peace), and Thomas Newman - however, it could have been a tad better written. There were some points in the film that were soley carried through by the imagery and mood. The intensity was built by the sound and the cinematography, making the story and dialogue seem lacking. Nevertheless it was a really good film.

Well, I think I should get some sleep. I need to be ready for work tomorrow. ]

[ Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ]

[ Blogger was down again last night when I wanted to post, so here is Sunday nights entry:

Honesty is the best policy; I had a talk with Denise today and that's the note we ended on. This alone provides the boldness for my next statement: I had a rough day today. Alyne knew it, the youth knew it, my family knew it, and I am sure others did as well. It's strange because it wasn't one of my worst days, in fact I have had plenty worse day even since I have been writing this journal - February 12th comes to mind. But it appears this has only been my second "unhappy" journal entry. I am not sure if that means I am a chronic liar, or if by the time I sit down to write my journal I decide to dwell only on the favorable experiences of my day - I'm choosing option number two. I did run into Scott at the Flea Market today, which was very unlikely and improbable, yet quite appropriate on account of our recent lack of communication. It was good to see him... I wonder if he will remember to check out my site?

Well, I don't think I will hear from Stephanie tonight, so I'm going to bed so I can be up for Warfare Prayer.

And now for todays entry: There was a mishap with Warfare Prayer this morning; Casey and I drove in circles around the parking lot for an hour. I had a slurpee and some jerky for breakfast, too. The day went great though. The Flyte site is getting some hits, which is a good thing - hopefully the hits will evolve into sales. I also played some tunes for Nicole today on our lunch break ... she got me to bring my guitar to work. There was the Alpha Reunion tonight, too. We just chilled for three hours, it was good times. I just got off a messenger chat with Bethany... she needs our prayers - war is near! If Bethany ever reads this I'm lifting you up sista! My prayers are flowin! ... and I need your email address again... It's so unsatisfying when you close down your messenger window only to realize that not only was a good conversation cut short, but that you forgot to copy down the information passed on to you! Grrr... ]

[ Sunday, February 23, 2003 ]

[ I'm back at the office with Chris playing StarCraft. It's so good! He should have been home by 1:30am, but it's already too late for that. I also figured out how to set up my home computer as an FTP server; it's so much easier now to back up the office computers... not to mention getting music files from home for our daily playlists during work. Well, time to go home now and drop off Chris. We'll be back tomorrow afternoon to play some more, though. I am also psyched for D3. ]

[ Saturday, February 22, 2003 ]

[ I'm at the office right now with Chris. We finished our work and are setting up to play some StarCraft. Ya LAN party! ]

[ I just got home from dropping off James. He and I went over to Glen's house to watch Robin Williams' stand up and stayed for Orange County. I can say that Robin's stuff was pretty funny, but I was surprised at all the language. I guess it just came as a surprise to me because you never hear him talk like that in films. Anyway, we all had a good night just chilling.

Full Life is tomorrow - well, actually it's tonight, but I don't consider it a new day until I wake up, hehehe - and I have to get up in nine hours to get Chris for work. Nine hours is a lot, but I've been eating junk food and candy all night, and never have really good sleeps anyway, so here's hoping I'll make it through Saturday. ]

[ Thursday, February 20, 2003 ]

[ As it turned out I didn't get home from work until 6:00pm. It was a long day and I am wasted. I need sleep but, funny thing, I don't want to sleep. I feel like it would be wasting time. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything else to do. ]

[ I installed the network at the office today. We now have 2 computers up with ADSL. It took a little while and some trouble shooting but everything is fine now. It's funny because Telus wasn't supposed to hook us up until tomorrow, but I thought "what the heck" and tried it today and viola! Well, I'm on my home now; I haven't eaten lunch yet so I'm not feeling so hot. Peace. ]

[ Wednesday, February 19, 2003 ]

[ My back hurts so bad.

You know, I love DJing at youth, but having to hunch over that short table for the entire evening does nothing good for my back. I realize this as I sit here at my computer, trying to get comfortable, and coming to terms with the fact that I have to deal with this throbbing pain. But man was it worth it! Things went great tonight. The whole night just went rad. Not much else to say. To summarize: Good lesson from Jeremy. Good praise and worship from Sam and Chad. Good game from Alyne - actually it turned rather violent so she resorted to SWAT. Good DJing from me - some shameless self-promotion.

And that about sums it up... ]

[ This should have been posted last night around midnight, but blogger was down. So here it goes...

Such a good evening... We practiced with Chad for Full Life. I think we all had a blast. Then I went to Vespers at CBC. That's my second time, but I really enjoyed it. Jeff was there too, I'm glad. On the way home Dean and I were both singing to some Waking Jude: ya local emo! And, I'm just finishing up the last of two amazing Messenger chats: one with Stephanie and now Josh. Good evenings abound!

Well, that was it for last night... I'm off to youth. New vinyls = so good! ]

[ Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ]

[ Had a blast tonight. Drama was a lot of fun, but then a few of us went to McDonald's - Kristy, Esther, Casey, and I - and that's when the fun really started. We went in the hopes that Phil would be working: yes it's true, I'm a sucker for young love, hahaha ;) Anyway, long story short, Casey ate ketchup from his bib and I more or less polished off a cup of it... pretty gross I realize. We left McDonalds.

We went for a drive on Lower Sumas Mountain Road. Casey and I couldn't resist scaring everyone; so good. We took a trip through Auguston too. It's a really creepy place at night. Something about the similar houses, the close quarters, the silence... ahh! I'm scared ... hold me...

So ya, I'm stoked on Youth Convention, I haven't finished listening to all my new vinyls yet, I can't wait to play them at youth, and tomorrow night is practice for the next Full Life. So good... sorry couldn't help it. ]

[ Monday, February 17, 2003 ]

[ Missed writing last night. I was up really late, conversing with James, trying to get Sim City 4 to run on my computer. Other than that, yesterday was uneventful, just kicking around, doing some work, yada yada yada.

Church was good today - good message, I needed to hear it. I had a problem with the girl sitting infront of me though; she reminded me of someone from the past, and it hurt...

D3 was fun and we stayed around for pizza and Spiderman - Jeremy, you can't say Spiderman is bad, so Hah! I was just chatting to Bethany, too. It's 4:00pm over there and her favourite word is "intense" right now... After talking with her I can see why... wow.

Well, I'm making a point to be at Warfare Prayer tomorrow, so I'm off to bed...

Ya \/\/W\/\/.|)J|\|3xU5.C@ - you probably wont get this - L33t-5p34K G3n3r@t0r ]

[ Saturday, February 15, 2003 ]

[ What a night! Funny story involving Poultry Stuffing Bags and Knox Gelatin - those who know: know, those who don't: ask me and maybe I'll tell you... Other than that Daredevil was rad! My eyes feel like they're burning so I have to be quick and then go take out my contacts. Good night everyone. Sleep tight. Happy Valentines Day. ]

[ Friday, February 14, 2003 ]

[ There is something to be noted about drastic change in mental state over the course of a few hours and some sleep in car... I'm just not sure what. However, there are some things about said change that do not make a lot of sense to me right now. I do find it strange to know that one year ago last night probably had something to do with it. Let's just say that tonight I had a good night and last night I didn't. Enough said.

Brad, Mel, Josh, and Jessie came over and we watched Ballistic an action movie that was filmed in Vancouver; ya local hollywood production! It's funny, becasue going to the website I realize that the movie is rated "R" because of violence; a few thing come to mind. The Rogers Video case gave it a "14A" rating as well as making it out to be a pretty clean film in their summarization - which it was. There were only a few swears and no body dropped the "F-Bomb" as Jer would put it, hehehe. And the so called violence aforementioned was very tame. It was less than the Matrix, and what teenager hasn't seen that film? In fact the Matrix was rated "R" too... Now, it would appear I was trying to rationalize my reasoning as a youth leader... well, take what you will... but you have to see this.

By the way, I am pondering on undertaking a rather large task. I have a digital camera which I love using; however, as you know I don't ever seem to have enough time to post my photos - hence the lack of my "upcoming" ComicCon photo shoot. Now, my idea is to take my digital camera everywhere with me - locations providing - and snapping a few shots each day to be posted in another blog on a daily basis. Due to lack of time it may end up being a bi-weekly event, but nevertheless, I think I would enjoy it.

As far as subject matter goes, I would probably take pictures of what my day included. People always like seeing themselves in pictures - no matter what they tell you. So, by the end of a week I would have a seven day gallery of images to go with my journal posts; knowing me some may not even be related. Regardless, I am going to get my ComiCon gallery up and then start on this little project of mine and see what transpires after a week.

Well, goodnight... and hey, it would be kind of cool for whoever reads my spiels to email so I can find out who you all are. I know people check out my site because my counter is growing everyday... and it isn't just me! ]

[ Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ]

[ Tonight was alot of fun. I hung out with some friends I haven't hung out with in ages. Drew, John, Glen, Erin and I all went out to see "The Recruit" in Mission this evening. We had a blast! It's been a while but we can still make eachother laugh, it was good times.

I've also been doing a lot of mixing since I got my new vinyls. It's been great; I still haven't listened to them all. Youth is going to be rad with all my new records... I can't wait. ]

[ Tuesday, February 11, 2003 ]

[ Sorry for the delay. A lot has happened since early Sunday morning.

The ComicCon was rad. In fact James and I got quite a few photos of it and I'm going to be posting a gallery of our images sometime soon. Hopefully I'll have the time to work on it. As far as details go, James has more in the way of that...

D3 was good. I was so tired from lack of sleep that I didn't input much in the discussion. Two new girls showed up though, so there was a pretty good turn out. We watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" after D3 like Josh and I had planned to. It was good, but I was still too tired to get much out of it.

I came home and crashed, wanting to have enough sleep before Warfare Prayer this morning. But, alas, I was way too tired and decided it was in the best interest of my health to get some proper sleep - I haven't been sleeping well lately.

My vinyl's came in the mail today! I am so excited. I was listening to them after work before drama. I bought some great stuff!

Drama went really well tonight too. I am really excited about the way things are coming along; however, the amount of messing around could be toned down a bit. ;) Otherwise we taped our performance so we could critique ourselves and found it to be pretty helpful.

I need to rest; I am not respecting my internal clock telling me it's time to recharge... ]

[ Sunday, February 09, 2003 ]

[ I really have to sleep now if I'm going to be ready for the ComiCon, so I'll write about my adventures tomorrow night when I get back... ]

[ Saturday, February 08, 2003 ]

[ What a day Friday was. Nothing big happened but it was just one of those days that really gets to you. After work I hung out with Stephanie and James. We watched some Family Guy and then went to the Monastery to take some photos in the dark. It would have been great but both Stephanie and my camera messed us over. Her film got stuck on hers and mine had no battery left. How unsatisfying.

We hit up Tim Hortons on the way home and chilled for a bit. That was it... Like I said nothing big happened but I was just drained.

I had to get up early this morning to for a WHMIS training course at the office. So I just got home 30 minutes ago. I also discovered that the tickets for Sam's production are all sold out so Alyne, Jill, Stephanie and I can't go see him anyway. I guess it's good it's so popular, but I would have liked to see Sam's performance.

On a side note, tomorrow is the ComiCon! I am stoked for it. This will be my first one ever and I've been into comic books since I was in grade 5. It's going to be a blast... let's just hope James - my illegal alien friend ;) - can make it across the border. ]

[ Too tired to write now. To be expanded upon after sleep... ]

[ Friday, February 07, 2003 ]

[ Two fantastic conversations in one day. It's hard to believe, I know. Earlier today, I had my first real talk with Alyne. That's been a long time in coming. We see eachother all the time but never really talk. It's more of a: "Hey, what's new... How have you been... See ya later..." Today was so much more, though. It went on for over an hour, over MSN Messenger. We also decided we'd have to hang out sometime and have another good talk.

Then, after drama, around 10ish, Stephanie came over and only left about 10 minutes ago. We had another of our famous disscusions. Really God focused, and she always leaves me thinking... even happy, now that I think about it. Her spiritual fervor really gets to me. It's awesome!

Well, I think I am in for a long day tomorrow, so I really have to sleep. ]

[ Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ]

[ Youth went really well tonight. Jeremy talked about the seventh Commandment: "You shall not commit adultery." Exodus 21:14. It was quite a powerful message. I wasn't sure how he would pull it off from the beginning - my first thought of adultery was a cheating spouse - but he told of what Jesus said on the subject. "You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.' But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Matthew 5:27-28 His last point, however, was that the Lord forgives. Praise God for covering our sins and shortcoming!

I led some worship songs after that and, speaking of leading, Chad lead the first set of songs tonight. I thought he did really well. I could tell he's got his own style on the songs he did; I appreciated that.

On a side note, Alyne told me all about her crazy misadventures with her car yesterday. That girl always seems to have bad luck in driving. I wonder what the Lord is trying to tell her? Hehehe.

I rented a couple films, and haven't eaten dinner yet tonight, so I think I'll go start one now... along with some food. ]

[ Tuesday, February 04, 2003 ]

[ Hmmm... what to say? Well, today and tonight were both rather uneventful. Gave up on The Thing: it got extremely frustrating so I had Dean take it back a day early, when he took back David Blane. I formated my computer today, too ... I guess now I can get playing some Sim City 4 ... right James? I also installed Freedom Force again, I think I'll start playing it again. It was really good. ]

[ The “Coffee House Tour” strikes again. The topic tonight was, "Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen." We had some crazy discussion - crazy being good - and went really deep, even in the tangents we sprouted off to. I really enjoy these symposiums, they're thought provoking, challenging, and healthy. It's so good to sit down and intellectually, rationally discuss God, your faith, and your beliefs. It keeps you on your toes, keep you sharp, and keeps you firm in those beliefs.

On a side note, I think I've almost beat The Thing and would be very unsatisfied if I had to take it back to Rogers without completing it. What's more, my vinyl order has not been processed yet, so it is unlikely I will have my records by this Friday. ]

[ Monday, February 03, 2003 ]

[ Whew! Only guys like me get this tired... wait, I'm a guy like me. I'm going to be up for Warfare Prayer tomorrow though. I missed it last week, being sick and all.

The song went great in church today. I ended up only doing one song, though, because after talking to pastor Bill, I realized that even just my one song alone would be over the time I had allotted to me... I did it anyway though. Dean played the Djembe too; it was awesome. We got a lot of comments and a lot of “thank-yous" as well... I think it was something that really needed to be heard. Praise the Lord. It's totally God too: When the whole service - including our song - follows a theme that no one expected... you know God is up to something.

We went to Rendezvous after church, for lunch, and had a blast with the youth. After I took Chris to work, I went over to Jeremy and Candace's house so she could interview me for a class project in regards to depression. (We are actually chatting about it as write this...) It went really well, but it was pretty intense. It's difficult to be so open and vulnerable, but I can't be fake though - sometimes I try hard to be fake, but it doesn't work out so well.

D3 went OK tonight, too. I was surprised, to say the least, at the lack of people that showed up: we only had half the crowd! I mean, God isn't interested in numbers, per se, but to have only half the norm was strange. We had some good discussion, though. However, we ended up hanging out and having a lot of laughs afterward. Josh, Melody, and I watched Congo, and had a blast! It was good times.

Well, off to bed...

[ Sunday, February 02, 2003 ]

[ I got up at 10:00am today, but forced myself to sleep in longer. Decided to get out of bed at 1:30pm and called James.

I took my tower to his place, hooked up to his network, and began the arduous task of backing up my hard drive. I'm planning to format soon - probably tomorrow.

Left James's place at 8:30pm, picked up some A&W, and came home to watch some David Blane and play some Thing. Dean came home and we practiced my songs for tomorrow - not sure if I'll use the Djembe though. I'm excited about playing and I hope God can use the songs to reach people. They both have pretty powerful lyrics. After, I took James home and called it a night.

By the way, I purchased 22 new vinyl's today from DJMR. I am so stoked but it's going to cost me $351.18! I guess it's for a good cause, though, and I would have eventually bought that many anyway, this way I just got them all at once. ]

[ I'm starting to get a headache again. Last night was good times. Will called and wanted to hang out after HEAT, but when I called him he wasn't in?

I picked up James and went to HEAT. DJ Terrance was spinning again. I talked to Joel about getting myself up there DJing, he says when Terrance goes back home after school they may give me a call. Hopefully I'll hear from them.

I saw Keela at HEAT to. Haven't seen her in a while - well, I saw her at Worship Invasion but I didn't say anything to her, so I don't think that counts. James and I then hung out with some youth and leaders at McDonalds. Lots of laughs.

We were going to go back to my place for a film or something when I thought of calling Stephanie, and we ended up meeting her and Rosa at the Tim Hortons by Costco. Before they showed up though, John and Dan came by. I haven't seen those guys in forever. John gave me a band - KillChain - sticker that he just got printed, and we chatted for a while.

Once Stephanie and Rosa showed up we decided to hit Rogers and rent a movie. We got the new Austin Powers and watched it at Steph's house. Rosa left before it was finished - she was pretty tired, and James and I stayed until around 3:00am chatting with Steph. I was so tired. ]

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