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[ Friday, August 29, 2003 ]

[ I'm off for Fish 'n' Chips for lunch today, so excited!

Things are going great this morning: God knows just how to pull me out - all the time. I had a good chat with Sam this morning before he and the crew left for Oregon Coast. Hopefully they will find a campsite because hotels down there are a little pricey. Anyway, I have to get ready for lunch, peace and love <>< ]

[ I'm not sure why I didn't write yesterday. I hung out with Kyle last night. We chilled, went shopping, watched a movie, played some video games and all in all had a great time. I think I just didn't write because I got home so late...

Today was a little rough for me. Lots of little things went down that know one will ever know about, except Esther because I chatted with her and she made it all better: Thanks Esther.

Other than that I am pleased with how the youth site is coming along, but there is still a lot of work to do. On that note I put in quite a bit of time tonight. Unfortunately, as far as Flyteís site goes I am quite frustrated. Who knew it would be so difficult to read from a database from the web?

Yeah, I really need my rest - not because I'm going to Oregon like the rest of the Youth Leaders, though. Funny how that worked out. I wonder if any of them will ever read this any way: I just wish I got invited along. ]

[ Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ]

[ Today I put in two hours over-time and instead of working on the youth site like I wanted to I watched "The Man in the Iron Mask" with the fam. It was a pretty good epic adventure. Lots of twists and turns: like a soap opera in 1662 involving King Louis and the Musketeers. Try that on for size.

Anyway, it looks as though tomorrow will be another full day of not working on the website. Shame.

I think tonight Iíll get to bed now, read some and listen to some more of my new vinyls. That way I wonít be too tired in the morning and with a bit of luck be able to write some of those emails I was talking about yesterday.

Side note: The Pedro the Lion CD came from Amazon.ca today, so Iíll be sending that off Martinís way in Scotland soon. ]

[ Monday, August 25, 2003 ]

[ Happy Birthday Trista! Wow, and I'm even writing this while at her house... Blogger, is there anything it can't do? ]

[ I got some great records - I was listening to them last night while I was reading one of my new books - talk about epic trance music!

Anyway, I'm off to my grandparents soon for dinner. My family from Rossland are down for one reason or another and it will be good to see them. After, I want to head over to Trista's to wish her happy birthday ... providing her party isn't over by the time I'm done with the fam.

BTW, I have a lot of emails to write: Ade, Kat, Merkinch Team, and some youth to name a few so hold tight all of you waiting on me for a response: it's on the way.

On a side note I want to convert Flyteís website so it is database driven. I am really excited about doing this but I need time for it. I filled in for David at work all day and tomorrow I wonít have any time either to spareÖ weíll see what happens. ]

[ Sunday, August 24, 2003 ]

[ I am home from camp and had quite a good and much needed nap today.

Camp was fantastic as usual. A week at Chubb Lake Bible Camp can do anyone a lot of good... if they let the Lord do what He wants. Trevor Kempner, Danny Cousins and Monty were the speakers and morning devotions people respectively. They all had God provoked messages and left us with lots to think about and most importantly, act on. The band returned from last year - props to Adrian, Jay, and Josh (alphabetical order to prevent any jealousy) for leading us to new and exciting places in our quest for God through music and dance. Camp was an excellent growth period for our Youth and for myself individually. I also got to DJ a lot, so I was really excited... I hope it worked out well - I got some good comments. Stoked for next year!

Melody has been evacuated from her new home in Kelowna, due to the forest fires, so Josh and I hung out with her today. Josh bought a great "communist" hat at Off The Wall, and I'm probably going to go back there for the sale for some pants and jackets.

It was like my birthday when I got home. While I was at camp both my Amazon.ca order and my Hooj.com order got delivered so I had tons of new CDs, vinylís and books to checkout: so exciting!

Not really sure what else to write about... Oh yeah, I'm working on the new youth website along with James as well as some business cards to go along with the launch of it on September 10th: mark your calendars. I may do a sneak peek here on my site a few days in advance to get you all excited before the actual "live" date ... well have to wait and see.

I also have a Pedro The Lion CD on the way that I am going to send to Martin Ross in Scotland - How are you doing, bro? Speaking of Scotland: Hello to all my friends, and aquaintances there and in surrounding areas. Namely Danika, the Merkinch kids and team, Sarah-Jane, David, Lindsay and Andy (I just got that "Imagine" book in the mail) and Iain (looking forward to that CD).

Have a good night all. We'll talk soon. God bless... ]

[ Sunday, August 17, 2003 ]

[ So much for tonight, eh?

It seems as though I have really dropped the ball for my journal. I have been back from Scotland for two weeks and have not made the time to write about my escapades.

Unfortunately, now is not the time either. It is too late at night (or rather too early in the morning) and there are still some things I need to accomplish before I go to sleep. You see, I am leaving for Chubb Lake Bible Camp in the morning and I need to be packed and ready to roll by 8:00am. So much for a good night sleep...

Hopefully I'll be able to write some when I get home.

PS - Danika, I love you girl! Sorry we couldn't get together, but have a great trip. I'll keep in touch (you do too) and God bless your journey into freedom (hopefully) that is Scotland! ]

[ Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ]

[ ... and I am home!

Actually I'm working right now so I cannot elaborate, but I will tonight. ]

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