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[ Tuesday, September 30, 2003 ]

[ I had a bit of a downfall today and only one girl knows what really happened... right J? After Vespers everything was great. Actually just me leaving my house to go to Vespers was the beginning of my day taking a turn for the better. Oh and a big "Hello" goes out to Kat too for finally seeing my site. Not to mention I got her number tonight too... wait, that sounds really shallow. Well it's not meant to be... whatever, I'm a dumb boy.

Last night I got to be security at the Thousand Foot Krutch show. Pretty rockin'. Not my style but the guys were rad and I really respect them for just being there. Props guys!

Goodnight, I need sleep. My brain is out. ]

[ Sunday, September 28, 2003 ]

[ I am really tired and lethargic right now. I am excited for the Scotland Mission Reunion, but it's as almost if I can't wait and I am being drained to the brink of conscious extinction. Anyway, I registered for the Merge today - really excited about that.

HEAT went very smooth on Friday but to be totally honest, we weren't spiritually prepared for it. Everything went off without a hitch but God didn't actively move, the kids were not receptive, and the leaders were frustrated. For me this has just been an eye opener that we really need God in everything that we do. It IS all about Jesus and that is that. I see the potential this ministry has - we have barely scratched the surface - but we need God at the centre and we need to remember to ask Him to help us.

Vampire went very well on Saturday too. I haven't played in so long and it was a blast to get together with Will, John, Ken, and Jevin. It's been a long time and I had a great afternoon/evening. Stoked for next week. ]

[ Thursday, September 25, 2003 ]

[ I was quite rushed for youth on Wednesday, but my night ended up going really well. I found out that even more people are interested in drama – I hope there is a way to do it this year. There is such a demand for it and it doesn’t look like I will be able to handle it.

Kyle and I had a really good talk. I needed to say things and it was important I got it all out. Then Alyne and I had a good talk. Again, I needed to say things and it was important I got it all out.

Today I had another great marketing workshop. Y2Marketing presented it and it succeeded in boosting my already fervent passion for implementing some new and much improved marketing systems into our workplace.

I stopped by Grace church after work to take a look at the new youth room, which we are going to use for HEAT. I am really stoked on tomorrow night and on using that room. We will just have to wait and see what next month brings though – always changes in the works.

I got together with James tonight to go over a new website project we are taking on for John. He wants a band website for KillChain. James and I are both excited for this project: it’s going to be fun to work together again and especially for Johns band – so much diversity in web design.

That’s it; I’m off to bed. I got some emailing to do in regards to HEAT tomorrow: be there! And I think I’ll bug Kat now that I sneaked her email from Esther. ]

[ Wednesday, September 24, 2003 ]

[ I woke up this morning with a rough head cold. The sore throat had carried over and doubled up since Monday morning. Needless to say work started off slow, but I had to get into it full throttle after lunch with deliveries and whatnot. Fortunately I got my Amazon.ca order today and the excitement made my day go faster. I just got that book “How to DJ: Right” with said order today and I am loving it so far. Too bad it’s taking away from “Purpose Driven Life” which I am also trying to read at the same time. Note to self: As long as life is as busy as it has been, read only ONE book at a time.

I saw Underworld tonight with James, Maria, Danika, Glen and Erin. Good, stylish Vampire/Werewolf action flick; a lot of fun. Love wins in the end. Oh, and Kate Beckinsale... as a Vampire… with guns... ‘nuf said!

Must sleep… ]

[ Tuesday, September 23, 2003 ]

[ Last post was on Thursday... 'bout time to get crackin'!

Friday: Full Life at PS Jones. Good testimony from Josh, and good time in our Lord's presence.

Saturday: IMR show at Ethical Addictions in Langley, with The Raking Bombs. Really fun show - IMR great as usual, and Bombs entertaining as usual. Drew, Glen and Erin also came out to the show along with at least 15 other people I talked to. So good to have a crew out and support a local scene.

Sunday: Wendy's and overwhelming amounts of kids without rides! So hectic! (Sorry Josh) Great jam session after that - at least three hours of really good musical experimentation: fantastic! And then, the night to end all nights... Yours truly, the only boy in a room full of girls, drinking Shirley Temples and watching chick flicks! I tell you, I had a blast! You always hear of the girl being one of the guys... and this, well, this totally wasn't like that at all. Needless to say, thank you to Lori for the food, Esther for the location, Jainee and Kasey for the giggling, and Kat ... well Kat for... ummm, not being able to make up her mind about Hugh Grant. Swell.

Tonight: Young Adults get together at Brian and Teo's home. Thanks you guys, God bless you and your willingness to serve! Left early due to stomach malfunctions, but ended up having a really good talk with Danika. All's well that ends well. ]

[ Thursday, September 18, 2003 ]

[ I had a marketing workshop this morning for work and it was really good. I was really excited when I left and my whole workday was positive because of it – that and the fact that I’ve been learning to pray all the time!

I stopped by Josh’s on the way to Keela’s house tonight to hang with the gang for the 45 minutes I could spare. Keela and I had a good chat that, unfortunately, could not be extended due to circumstances. Then I went back to Josh’s to hang a bit more before Lexx, Jainee, Esther, and I all left for our nice beds and sleep. Obviously I haven’t made it quite that far yet, but I’ll be asleep in no time. ]

[ Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ]

[ Today was good. Good prayer at youth. Good conversations. SYATP was great this morning – I was at Bateman. God has really given me a heart for that school. In fact I may even be helping out with their Thursday prayer group, leading worship.

Other than that Full Life, IMR, and HEAT are all on their way. Look for more information at CLCC Youth.com! ]

[ Tuesday, September 16, 2003 ]

[ I have always been so stoked on HEAT and now I am one of the leaders of it! I had a lunch meeting with three youth pastors (Jeremy included) from different churches today and I am not only the resident DJ but also one of the leaders. HEAT has been a venue and a vision I have shared in for well over a year now. I am really excited about this opportunity but we need a lot of prayer support. I know God is going to use me here because I am terribly willing and I believe there is a need for an undertaking such as this.

SYATP is tomorrow at 7:00am… be there! And on a totally related note, Warfare Prayer was great this morning. ]

[ I shouldn't be up now. I am planning to go to Warfare Prayer in the morning and it's already after 12:00am. Sick.

Anyway, I watched Daredevil at Esther's house tonight. I really like that film. Yeah, Stan Lee! Kristy and Stephanie were there, too. They hadn't seen it before but I think they both kind of liked it.

I also have a HEAT meeting tomorrow at noon. I am praying things will go alright and God has given the leaders some dreams!

Peace and love... ]

[ Sunday, September 14, 2003 ]

[ Saturday afternoon until evening I spent some time with Shane. He’s a buddy of mine that I met at the bus-stop at least 2 years ago and bump into him every once in a while. We had some good chats.

I went to White-Spot for dinner with Lexx and some other people for her birthday. We had a good time and ended up at Esther’s house afterwards for a movie. After the terrible movie that you shouldn’t bother seeing, I was in the middle of a good chat with Esther and Kat when Shane called me. He needed a ride home and I just felt it was something I needed to do… so I did.

Church was good this morning… all the leaders were back and I helped out with youth class. We went to Rendezvous for lunch after church. Always a loud lunch…

Lexx’s birthday party was tonight at her house. Once a few hours had passed, a few of us left to go see Princess Mononoke at Jeff’s. It wasn’t as good as Spirited Away - the most recent film by writer/director Hayao Miyazaki - but it was still a good movie.

I’m just checking out the youth forums now at CLCC Youth.com – yeah, shameless plug!

G’night all. Thanks for all the good talks this weekend and I look forward to a lot more! ]

[ Saturday, September 13, 2003 ]

[ Well, I didn't go on the leaders retreat weekend, but I have had a great weekend so far!

Last night I had a great "dinner-time chat-sesh" with my folks at Greek Islands restaurant. It was good just to sit, talk, and laugh with them. After dinner I went over to Josh's to watch "What About Bob?" with he and Trista. Brilliant. The three of us then had a really good talk and I went over to Rick's house to finish Gladiator with them and pick up Jainee and Chris. On the way to drop off Jainee, we had a good conversation too, and then another good chat with Chris on the way home. All in all a late, but positive and purposeful evening.

Today I'm off to do some chores and scout out a used, half-decent notebook computer for DJing.

By the way, I really wanted to go to see Mogwai at the Commodore, but I just realized that the first HEAT is on the same night! Arrgghh!! I was so stoked on that show - and I was just going to buy tickets today, too. ]

[ Friday, September 12, 2003 ]

[ I wish I could write with less detail. It seems one of the only reasons I don’t write daily is because I know how long it will take me…

Anyway, the new youth site is up: CLCC Youth.com – check it out. I have been sick with what I think has been a stomach flu for the last few days. We had 126 kids at youth on Wednesday night! That’s fantastic. And tonight I got a hair cut and then dyed my hair.

I guess that was pretty short… ]

[ Sunday, September 07, 2003 ]

[ Again, I am really tired. I didn’t get to the office today as I planned, but what I did instead was well worth it.

I got up feeling creative this morning after seeing DS Sutton last night. Actually the not so long story is this: For a long time – since somewhere in mid-high school – I have been a fan of electronic rave music. I saw Andy Hunter at Youth Convention last year and thought, “That is exactly what the Lord has set on my heart: To do what Andy is doing.” Now I have this site and turntables and everything and I am doing it. Conversely, I have always been able to write musical pieces on my guitar but could never adapt words with them. But just lately Andrew from IMR pointed me to a Scotish band called Mogwai and I thought, “This is exactly what the Lord has set on my heart: To do what Mogwai is doing; only, being a Christian, I will do it as a form of worship.” Long story short, I decided to take some of the instrumental music pieces I had previously written and elaborate on them. I took one piece in particular and wrote three other layers to it. Kyle came over to assist me and we ended up compiling some pieces together into a complete track – dubbing in new layers as we went along.

From here on in I am going to re-record the layers into my computer a tad more professionally and piece them together. I am also in the works of putting together a seven-piece band to play some of these symphonies in church as an interlude. I am really excited about this and I hope I can go about it with as much passion and perseverance as I have with DJing.

James also came over tonight to work on the youth site –not to mention help Kyle and I with our poorly recorded track. We got a lot more content up, but still have more to go.

That is all. ]

[ Saturday, September 06, 2003 ]

[ I was so tired last night, but I decided to write anyway. When finished I discovered I couldn't post on Blogger so it was all for naught.

Long story short Chris Janzen, Maplewood Lane, and DS Sutton all put on great shows. I had a good chat with Jamie after the show. Then a drive and chat-sesh with Casey, Esther, Jainee and Josh. Then a good conversation with Esther and Jainee. All in all the night was good - some hic-ups, but then there's always those.

Today I have to get together with James, do some work at the office, and put in some hours for the youth site. Looks like I won’t be able to hit the corn maze – I never get to go to that thing, grrr… ]

[ Friday, September 05, 2003 ]

[ So yeah, it seems I am posting every second night here. What it comes down to is I really don't like to turn on my computer and post if it is not already on that late. I usually don't have the chance to write until right before bed and by then I just want to sleep - another reason why I find personal devotions so difficult to keep regularly scheduled.

Anyway, youth was so great last night. It has been a while since we have been in the gym - actually it seemed like forever since I had been there, spinning like a madman. Like I said, it was so great. God really moved and, despite all the commotion the last few months has brought me, God has revitalized me to work in this ministry with fervour in the coming year. Who knows, I may not be here next year, so let's do this!

Tonight I was planning to go support IMR at Richard's on Richards. I was really stoked about seeing them, but just like last night (for youth) I got messed over for a vehicle and would have been unable to get out to Vancouver in time to catch their act, so I decided to stay home. Maria came over and we watched The Two Towers. I must say, the Lord of the Rings trilogy has to be one of the finest series of movies ever made. In my opinion it far outweighs the latest attempt from the Star Wars franchise. Not to mention, that even if it wasn't a trilogy, nor how spanning or epic the plot is, the films are done with such passion, vigour and style. The acting, writing, cinematography and directing are all top-notch. It is a beautiful piece of art... well, there's my vote.

Other than that, just a few sidebar notes: I had a good talk with Stephanie today, it was long awaited, but always worth it. Alyne is still in the hospital so keep praying for a miracle – God can do it. DS Sutton has their CD release party tomorrow night. I will be there. Will you? The details are on their site. One more thing. I finally got my Pedro the Lion CD back from Mike and Julie, but still have not heard a word from them. In my experience I am beginning to believe they heard some sort of rumour about me and want nothing to do with we. I pray this isn’t true, I really dig them, but it has happened before with even closer friends, and the Lord only knows what the jack is.

That's all she wrote... ]

[ Wednesday, September 03, 2003 ]

[ Haven't written in a bit - actually I just missed last night, but in retrospect that's ok. Apparently Alyne is in the hospital for five kidney stones. That's pretty rough. I have a plan to go see her tomorrow... I'll let you know how that turns out.

Last night was pretty rough on me, but it was good to see Lindsay Temple - I really am going to miss her. I hope I get a chance to say some real “good-byes" before she does leave on Saturday.

Other than that, Kyle and I went over to Esther’s tonight and watched “Ocean’s 11.” I really dig that movie.

Well, off to bed… ]

[ Monday, September 01, 2003 ]

[ What a weekend! I got home so late each night that I didn't even bother writing. Not to mention, I have been so busy with the youth website that I haven't had time in a day to sit down and post. Here's the run-down:

I went to the Everett House on Friday night. Jenn had been house sitting there for a week and the invitation was there for me the whole week, but I didn’t partake until that night because I really didn’t want to be there – after 10 minutes there I realized why. I ended up leaving with Josh and Chris soon after. The three of us pulled some “binary turns,” and ended up parking just off Huntingdon road to talk. We were there until around 3:00am if I remember correctly. It was great.

Saturday I spent the entire day – I’m talking morning (actually I got up at noon) until night (2:00am) – with only the occasional bathroom break and a dinner gathering with some family members from the island, working on the youth site. Just crazy.

Sunday, I did church, the mall for lunch, a good walk and chat-sesh with Lindsay and later in the evening went to Rick’s house to chill with some of the boys. We watched movies, played video games, you know, fun stuff. I made it home by 3:30am.

This morning I was up at noon again, did some email checking, wrote this entry and then I’m back on the youth site. Hopefully I’ll get together with John and Erin tonight… and there's still some folk who need emailing! ]

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