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[ Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ]

[ I am pretty tired right now. I really wanted to work on the youth site tonight, but it doesn't look possible. I need a good rest.

Stephanie will be here Thursday night! We'll be getting together for breakfast at IHOP Friday morning so whoever knows Steph and wants to come, you are welcome to join us at 7:30am.

I wish some nights weren't so hectic or time consuming... you are my sunshine! ]

[ My weekends are always too busy to write. As it stands, I should be sleeping now but I am just too wired. I even have to be up early tomorrow for a HEAT breakfast meeting. Well, here is a rundown of the events of the past few days...

Friday: HEAT was Friday night. It was totally Spirit-lead and totally amazing. God used others and me so incredibly. It was the first time I have ever used a mic from my turntables and it broke so many of my confidence barriers – wonderful. Joshua showed up and was just a great encouragement. Kat had a total God story - ask her. And there were a lot more issues going on through out the evening than even I knew about. I also met Kendal for the first time. We’ll see what comes of that because that meeting could be very significant.

Saturday: I was already for the Climbing Competition Gig the night before; all I had to do was get in my truck and leave. However, something will always change your perfect plans. Needless to say, I was an hour late and I thought it looked really bad on my part. Andrew didn’t seem to mind – God bless him – and everyone really appreciated me being there anyway. I was really excited to do it, but got so frustrated when I woke up late, thanks to my alarm clock. Curses! All in all things went well and I may even be seeing more gigs there than annually... wait and see I guess. I then was invited to Sam’s place to have breakfast (at 2:00pm) with him and Jeff. And what a fabulous breakfast it was. Not to mention another swell talk with Sam after breakfast – always a pleasure. The evening gave way to me hanging out with Kat and her friends. I was happy Esther came along too - love you Zest! I really wanted to go to the monastery that night for the Northern Lights but as Sunday night rolled around, I am so glad things happened the way they did.

Sunday: Church and a luncheon. I love my church and I love my church luncheon’s... enough said. I worked with Chris for a bit and tried to cheer up Kat while he finished up – she was at home and feeling pretty sick. D3 came next and it was almost another flop, but this time josh and I accomplished a little more than last week in regards to planning, ideas and, well, actually starting. I stopped in to see Will for at least an hour after D3. I’m not sure I was really allowed in after visiting hours, but nobody seemed to mind. We had a really good chat. I hopefully raised his spirits as he had mentioned they were down recently. I then went to the Campbell’s house with the intention of going to the monastery as Esther, Kat and I had decided upon the night before. Esther was too tired and so Kat and I went, again with the intention of going to the monastery. Unfortunately - or rather fortunately - we didn’t get there and ended up having some good conversation. A few things of note: Music as a soundtrack. Shivers do not depend on temperature. The eyes of the truth are always watching. No regrets. And last but not least... she doesn’t like cereal.

Monday: I cooked dinner tonight, and realized after that I should have cooked for the whole family - I am so selfish. Then I met up with Dylan. Our chat-sesh had been a long time in coming and it was so rad! We totally shared our passions, our hearts, and our dreams. We ended in prayer and I was so encouraged and fervent. Then I went to help Kat with her essay that I had started helping her with over a week ago. She is almost done but I think I overstayed my welcome as far as her parents were concerned... oops! Important dates are as follows: September 4, October 4, and October 26. I am waiting to see if a pattern emerges.

Anyhoo, I have to be up in less than five hours for that HEAT meeting. Here’s to sleep. ]

[ Thursday, October 23, 2003 ]

[ Too tired to really write anything of value. I hope midterms are going well for everyone. I know one individual whose tests didn’t go over very well at all. I know this because I spent copious, useless amounts of time on the phone with them... kind of like what I am doing now: spending copious, useless amounts of time... you get the idea. I need to sleep fast and be up for the HEAT meeting tomorrow. Good night all. ]

[ Wednesday, October 22, 2003 ]

[ Men’s Breakfast was great as usual this morning. It is such a learning experience for me. I wrote an email to be forwarded to every guy at our church - most of whom do not take advantage of the excellent meeting; hopefully they will understand the importance of this thing. However, I am the first person to relate to a busy schedule... ]

[ God deserves our praise. I must say it is good to go to a service like Vespers knowing that it is not about me, not about what I get out of it, and not about the quality of the band.

I put some good time into both the Flyte site and the Youth site today. Tomorrow I am up early for Men’s Breakfast: it is such a great listening and learning experience for me. I am also up early Thursday morning for another breakfast meeting at IHOP – this time it’s for HEAT. I really want to get together more often and discuss this ministry, but alas time is always scarce.

Dear Lord, I pray for everyone doing midterms this week. Lift them up, bring them comfort, peace, and clarity of mind. Provide for them Lord and help them to rely on you in this time of stress and discouragement. ]

[ Tuesday, October 21, 2003 ]

[ Tonight was good. It afforded me the opportunity to spend time with Brian and Teo – two people I really appreciate and admire – after a really good young adults gathering. As I have said before, it is not only healthy, but also imperative that you spend time with other believers to sharpen and grow with each other.

Speaking of sharpening and growing, I am off to do my devotions and read “The Purpose Driven Life.” The fact is, the book has a lot of wisdom and insight into my life and is very confirming in my walk with Christ. However, I think my biggest issue is that because I am making myself write about each “day” – the book is divided into 40 chapters to be read a day at a time – I realize the only reason I am not keeping up to date with my reading is it takes such a sacrifice to sit down and write. That rings true for my journal here as well. I need to learn to make time for things that demand a higher priority. It’s important to be with fellow believers and encourage, sharpen, and pray for one another, but being a Christian is still a “personal” relationship with God; You need to spend time with God, by yourself sometimes, it just makes sense.

I also owe it to Kat to keep with this book. I refuse to let her down when I can see so apparently the fruits of our endeavours.

Well, here’s me off to the races... ]

[ Monday, October 20, 2003 ]

[ I went to another marketing workshop this morning. It’s great how you can pick up so many different things from different peoples perspectives – especially when the theme is always standard: Marketing. I learned a lot and got some great ideas.

Last night was powerful. I had a really intimate, intense conversation with some good friends: Danika and James. God was totally all over the chat and it showed. I believe He really led our dialogue the way He wanted it to go. Again, powerful! Thank you Lord for your wisdom. Let my life glorify Your name.

Since my last excursion – I never seem to have time to write over the weekends... what’s the Jack? – we had the youth all-nighter, which I think turned out really good. Maybe I am biased because I loved the Rubber Chicken Guy, and because I got a lot of opportunity to just do some mixing – something I seem to never have time for. Oh, and Jon got some great shots of me that I have posted in a new gallery.

Along with some good spirit-led conversation, and playing Kat’s assistant editor for an hour, the weekend was really great. There was definitely some stress and down time, but come on, “I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm 34:1 ]

[ Friday, October 17, 2003 ]

[ There is something to be said for nebulous consciousness. I’m not sure if it was the film, the company, the detached feeling, the oppression, or maybe just the embarrassment. Whatever it is I am typing in the dark, about ready to go and listen to my ambient mix, with my candles and red glowing globe. Regardless, I did really appreciate the ice-cream, and I am glad I read my email. Thank you Lord for working through the little things, and at the same time I pray You work through me and the little things to reach a certain individual who needs you right now. Have mercy, my God.

"To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd. You save the humble, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low. You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light. With your help I can run through a barricade; with my God I can scale a wall. As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the LORD? And who is the Rock except our God?" 2 Samuel 22:26-32 ]

[ Wednesday, October 15, 2003 ]

[ I wish there was more time in a day. Lord, I pray for the organizational skills it takes for me to handle my commitments, make time for my friends, make time for me, and above all make time for You.

It’s been a while since I have written - probably a conglomeration of late nights, busyness, and once in a while just passing out. First things first: Will is in MSA hospital and is doing a lot better. He is not tip-top and won’t be for a while, but minus the physical damage, he is his old self - praise the Lord.

I have been getting into some great controversial conversation with quite a few people lately: Everything from Christian school, to overbearing parents, to being salt and light, to role-playing ideas, to heartbreak and lost relationships (actually those last subjects have only been shared with Kat - positive and satisfying to say the least). Other than that my life has been very eventful. Lots of work, youth, web design, reading, DJing, guitar playing, song singing, movie watching, and everything else that comprises the life of Darin.

Well, that’s most of it - in short anyway. I’m looking forward to the Merge, seeing Steph, hopefully hanging with Joshua soon, two upcoming DJ gigs, and whatever else I can’t remember. On a side note, thanks to Jeff and his family for a wonderful thanksgiving dinner, and to my grandpa for the same. God bless you all. ]

[ Monday, October 06, 2003 ]

[ What a crazy weekend. First and foremost, a very good friend of mine is in the hospital after a severe car accident. I won’t go into details, as I don’t really know anything, but he is in rough shape and needs prayer. And pray that I would be able to make time to spend with him: it will be a long healing process and I want to be there for him every step of the way – especially when he re-learns to take steps again.

I didn’t go to “Reality Check” but God used me a lot this weekend anyway – as I knew He would. I love my Lord! To break the rest of the weekend down:

Fantastic concert at UBC. Venere, Ether’s Void, Jonathan Inc., Saeta, and IMR at one show! Venere opened beautifully and IMR finished with a 15 minutes encore song! Simply magnificent. However, to make that night even better, I had an amazing talk with Kat on the way home from the concert - while James and Danika dozed in the back seat. It was super foggy so the trip took longer than it should have but it was extremely positive for both of us (I hope); a very God centered conversation that sharpened and educated.

I found out about Will after calling around on Saturday because no body showed up for role-playing. James and I were going to go see him that afternoon, but found out right before leaving that he had just got out of a seven hour surgery. Saturday night ended up with dinner at the Bread Garden, followed by some driving. I really need to dub a name for those kinds of drives: where I pull the silent treatment with youth in the car and listen to music and just... drive, to weird and obscure locations. Really opens minds and puts me in a better position to be real with people. Our car load – Lexx, Steffie, and Steve – than came to my place for about an hour to play some tunes.

I stood in intersession for Will in church today – please keep praying for him. Had a good little chat with Brian at church before we went out for lunch and then took Glen, Erin, and Drew, in to see Will at VGH. It was hard to see him like that. So helpless... If the room wasn’t full of people (Will has impacted so many people that within the hour that we were there, there were nine of us in total!) I probably would have got teary eyed. I know he’s going to make it. My God is a God of mercy, and second chances.

After we got home form the hospital, I dropped the others off and drove out to get Chris and Jainee. By the time the night was over I had a first-rate talk with Jainee, Esther and Chris – not to mention an impossible time trying to figure out a way to leave a book at the Campbell’s house; not even going to talk about it.

Thank You Lord for Your sovereignty, mercy, and faithfulness. Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him... for the LORD takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with salvation. Thank You, Lord, that You are a God of second chances... ]

[ Friday, October 03, 2003 ]

[ What a day… I can’t believe I accomplished so little in so much time. I am very disappointed, but alas, it was good to just be free for once. No obligations… well, no obligations I absolutely had to do. Though, I did have a good chat with Kat today. There was much soup burning, much miscalculated sarcasm, and much rejoicing. Here’s to future conversations that don’t involve computers.

I am almost done recording my vinyl so I can burn it onto a CD: I am pretty excited about that. I have a lot of ideas for work that didn’t get finished today – some never even started. First things first: clean and organize my office and my room. With that done, things will fall into place for sure – I just know it. I have to start somewhere I guess.

I may have some more gigs upcoming as well. Most definitely another climbing competition at Flashpoint and a Inter-school Prayer Rally that may be DJ led – one guess to who that DJ might be…

Rock show at UBC! Where my dawgs!? I am so white. It’s not even cool when I type it. ]

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