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[ Tuesday, December 30, 2003 ]

[ New Years party at my place. Check the News section for more information. ]

[ I tell you, it's all about Johnny Depp playing a Buster Keaton wannabe. Man oh man... Oh, just to clarify, we watched "Benny and Joon" last night at Lori's.

Other things to remember from that night: gorilla feet, cat food, What is that smell?, D-sharp kettle, How many kinds of green tea are there?, and of course the inevitable - "Take notes on this Darin." (As I was the only boy watching a "Chick-Flick" in a room full of gurls, which I might add was a little humbling.) ]

[ Monday, December 29, 2003 ]

[ I just got home from the Lucasí. What a great day of video gaming: Hunter, D&D, Halo. Mix it up with a little Foosball and Kyle and I jamming and you have yourself a great day.

And now sleep... speaking of which, Lord I pray Alyne would find rest tonight. Guard her heart, mind and body and bring her peace as she sleeps. Amen. ]

[ Sunday, December 28, 2003 ]

[ I'm right in the middle of a great conversation with Sarah-Jane. I havenít talked with her in ages but it seems that what I have been through recently has direct correlation to our conversation. Itís great when God shows you the good coming out of bad times, even if it is only so you can aid others in their time of need.

Lord, I pray for Sarah-Jane right now, I pray you would lead her and guide her footsteps in the choices she needs to make. I pray for discernment and wisdom from You in this situation, to make the right decisions at the right time, and for the strength to follow through. Amen.

Iím hopefully off to the Lucasí this afternoon for some X-Box. D&D is where itís at my friends! ]

[ Saturday, December 27, 2003 ]

[ Yesterday was good: I just sat and chilled all day. It was good to just rest; I havenít caught up on sleep in so long. And I totally just ďnerdedĒ my day away. D&D books, video games, it was great!

Kamila came over with some food around 8:45pm and we had dinner together. We ended up talking until 1:00am about our various life issues and concerns Ė quite similar Ė which was something we hadnít one for ages. It was a good talk.

Today Iím hanging out with James for a little shopping and a little work. The HEAT site needs to be finished and after that I have to hook up with Chris for the YFC page. Hopefully I can get everything done today so I can be ready to do character creation for my D&D game tomorrow evening. ]

[ Wednesday, December 24, 2003 ]

[ I wrote an article tonight that will be posted at CLCC Youth.com. Check it out.

Merry Christmas to all... ]

[ Tuesday, December 23, 2003 ]

[ I just never seem to get enough sleep. I am always so tired, but there is never enough time in a day to complete what I want to complete.

I had a very significant conversation with Bethany today. I didnít realize how significant it was until now actually. In retrospect I realize that my whole day revolved around that conversation. I have run through so many strong emotions today on account of the chat Ė I think the word intensity is synonymous with Bethany.

Anyway, Iím supposed to be hanging out with Keela tonight. I am going to have to go home and have a nap first, me thinks.

Lord, transform me by the renewing of my mind.

[ It looks as if things are back to normal with my site. After that week of craziness I discovered that things were haywire due to a power surge/blackout in Vancouver. Hopefully I will be updating more regularly.

A few things of note:

1. Road to Perdition is still a brilliant piece of film making; nevertheless, my previous conclusion (February 26) still hold true.
2. My up and coming D&D campaign is still, well... up and coming. Check out the site I put together for game purposes: Dungeons and Dragons.
3. My team and I have come upon the opportunity to see the first fruits of our music project come to life. That is, we have the option of getting together in our church with a full sound system and the ability to record our venture this Saturday if everything works out.
4. I just made an online purchase for this item form Creative Labs. This will significantly improve my ambient/ producing/ soundtracking/ creating level as far as DJing is concerned. I am very excited.

Thatís it for now, but stay in touch for updates. ]

[ Friday, December 19, 2003 ]

[ Yowza! It's all about having time to update. My server has been down for the last few days so it would have been pointless to write anyway. I am playing a show with three other bands tomorrow night in Mission. Check the News section for more details.

From what I have heard it looks like I am going to be busy come the New Year with DJing. I am excited and yet a little distressed. The thing is I am really looking forward to God continuing to move through the gifts He has given me, but I know that "a man who chases two rabbits catches nothing." What I mean is, in order for me to go more hardcore DJing I will inevitably have to give up other ministries I am involved in to compensate... and that is one thing I have never been good at doing: giving up ministry opportunity.

I also have things in my life that God really needs to get a hold on. I have been confirmed that He has anointed me, but that there are things that need to be fixed first. I know that.

In closing, that means I am brought to a place of decision. I have to make these choices of my own free will; of my own volition. Please pray for strength, wisdom and guidance in these next few weeks. Thanks, and Merry Christmas. ]

[ Tuesday, December 09, 2003 ]

[ Again my weekend was hectic. So much computer work... Ah, the life of a computer junkie. Long hours, crappy pay... Oh, and did I mention my new laptop! Yeah, I'm all over it; wireless connection and everything. Swell.

I played HEAT on Friday, which was nice and chill, then SwitchBack on Saturday in Mission. It was my first time playing with Andy Harrington and things went pretty smooth. "Now, just a moment of silence..." Inside joke.

From there I hit the Manor Christmas party. I had another rad talk with Joshua, as usual, and Sam too.; It was good times - especially the extra moist cake... JOSH!! Too bad Keela was the host or we might have had time to catch up. Hmmm, such is life.

Anyhoo, my Monday consisted of a 12-hour day of work and then a bad experience at EA that only one girl will ever know about. At least she understood... thanks. Now I just want to waste some time in front of my new computer. It's so cool to be writing my blog and chatting with Jainee all from the comfort of my own bedroom, without all that nasty cabling! (I'm such a marketer. What a plug for wireless networking.)

Apparently I've got a lot of DJing coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned. And I here, come January, I'm going to be really busy. I also need to renew my domain.

Peace and Love... ]

[ Tuesday, December 02, 2003 ]

[ The weekend was hectic. I didn't sleep a wink while on the island, which led to me being completely drained and lifeless on Sunday. There were a lot of good words though: God spoke to me through a girl I had never met before, and of course Ira's (sp?) message spoke volumes as well.

Other than that the few things that stuck in my mind for the last few days as a whole: 16 player Halo, Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life, YA Christmas party, and Lori's lasagna (I am reminded of a post way back on February 28th in regards to the infamous pasta dish. Check my archives.)

Peace and Love... ]

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