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[ Friday, February 27, 2004 ]

[ Let’s see... Wednesday night youth went well. We had a lot of technical difficulties with our sound system, which made it impossible for us to get in a decent practice. Fortunately the system has been figured out, and things went well regardless. I know God made some changes that night too in the hearts of the youth – even in my heart.

Thursday morning was a great little diversion to Abbotsford Christian Secondary school. Our youth band – with Esther at the helm – helped lead the chapel service. Apparently God brought a lot of good out of that. Praise the Lord.

Thursday night brought me out to Broadway’s young adults group again. I went with Erin and Josh. The closer I got to the location, the heavier my heart became. We took part of pre-service prayer. Strangely enough the only ones in prayer for the definite majority of the time was the carload I brought – including myself – and Blake. My heart was heavy until Chad – theirs, not ours – started to give his message and almost immediately I knew that’s why my heart was pressed upon: that message needed to be given. And God raised my spirit. God is great.

Erin and I had a very high calibre chat-sesh of which was extremely spontaneous starting during the car ride home an ending when Danika phoned me in my driveway. I also had a good chat with Jen at Broadway. I knew her from way back in Yale. We had a talk about where our lives had gone up to this point and I elaborated on my HEAT story... oh, that’s right I haven’t mentioned that yet. It’s huge.

Tonight will be the last HEAT for an undetermined amount of time. The leadership team has passed the torch to me and I am left to see what God wants to do with this ministry. If you are in anyway interested in being a part of a project that stands to burst the Christian bubble and explode the worship box, contact me. I am trying to build a core group of believers who want to see God move in our city through creativity, art, and worship.

... and I finally got these. The ones on top in silver, not white. CyberPunk: So good! Stoked for the ComiCon. ]

[ Monday, February 23, 2004 ]

[ Wow. Good times. I haven’t written since my IMR extravaganza. It was a blast! Joshua actually played a show with Venere in Abbotsford, at Yale high school of all places, Thursday morning for some leadership meeting. Strange time and purpose for a show, but it was apparently pretty good. After waiting for Bill, hehe, we finally got on our way to the ferries and within 10 minutes realized we were sharing the same ferry as IMR. We watched Transformers together – thanks to Ash for the commentary: It was pretty difficult to hear the sound from the laptop. Then we previewed the IMR DVD – Joshua and I actually got ourselves hooked up with a copy – ask me about it. After a run in with some little girls and their snot, we parted ways.

Joshua and I ended up at his place for a fantastic meal only to hook up with IMR again after their sound check and went on a walk-a-bout around Victoria before they went on. The show was terrific as usual and due to lack of sleep on Joshua’s part, we ditched a little early. As long as we saw IMR’s whole set, no complaints from me. I believe I owe Ryan a 7-11 jaunt.

As far as chat-sessions go, Joshua and I always have good talks; always God centered. Reminds of my great chat with Kyle last night: same deal. Andwer and I also shared some good, yet short, convos throughout the whole Victoria trip: both ferry rides and walking through downtown Victoria.

Friday night was Full Life. God had a lot to say that night. Those there heard quite clear; those that weren’t, check out HEAT this Friday.

Other than that, and that is a lot, there isn’t much more to write home about. I am leading the music at youth this week. I want to see if I can’t put a bit of a new spin on it, and from what I was in prayer last week about, I hope people will be less under fear and more under the Lord’s hand. We also have the opportunity to help lead a chapel service at VCS. I’m excited to see how that will go.

Peace and Grace... ]

[ Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ]

[ Youth was really good tonight. However, I am getting the feeling that people are scared. Scared to open up; scared to talk to God; scared to be different; scared to surrender to their Creator. I know it’s a huge step, especially for some, but others have been on the verge for so long. Lord God, I pray for break-through: for an unleashing of your spirit.

I am not sure how tomorrow is going to work out – unfortunately – but I do know that either way I am going to Victoria to hang with Joshua and see IMR. This is me, stoked! ]

[ Monday, February 16, 2004 ]

[ So much has went down, on a personal level. I really need to get stuff out in the open and I am having a talk with Chad tonight. I pray things go well. I've been a wreck for the last two weeks, with good reason too.

I might be going to Victoria this Thursday to hang with Josh and an IMR show. Hopefully that will work out. It will be good to see him. This Friday is Full Life and we have D3 this Sunday again. It will be our second of the year and I really want the Lord to bless it. I have to remember to write down the prayer requests so we have something to look back on and say, "Look how God took care of that issue." ]

[ Wednesday, February 11, 2004 ]

[ Life has been terribly hectic, and not just busy either. Frustration on every front; met at the corner of every advancement with a reminder of past failure - but is that not how the enemy works?

God has been developing me constantly in the midst of these trials and I am rejoicing for the righteous man He is creating in me. I have so many different opportunities, chances, and choices to take and the Lord is guiding me. In an attempt to be transparent, I have in no way succeeded in making all the right decisions thus far, but I live in faith that every time I obey God - and my spirit wins over my flesh - my old self will slowly but surely fade away.

Thank you Lord for Your forgiveness and that you remove our sins from us as far as the East is from the West.

I may be helping out with the Thursday prayer at Bateman during their lunch-hour. It has been five months since that idea had been thrown around but now since God has blessed me with a vehicle I again have the opportunity. We have started up D3 again and I am excited about what God will work through that. I want to carry out our church's mission statement – "Making, maturing, and mobilizing disciples." – through this group. Cell groups are where the growth is. HEAT is coming up again as well and I am in prayer that God would further His vision for that ministry in the minds of the leaders – myself included. The only other thing that remains constantly on my mind is "Operation Aihpos" and everything that can be and is included in that. It's been huge.

That's a lot for right now. God bless... ]

[ Thursday, February 05, 2004 ]

[ Last night was quite strange. I had planned to work all night on the various websites that I am responsible for. Youth was at Summit Pacific College so I decided it was in my best interest to catch up instead of attend a youth event that I didn't need to participate in. Kamila phoned around 6:30pm and asked if she could come over to study. She is the second person within two weeks to ask to come study at my place. Strange. Anyway, she came over and studied while I worked. Then we went out for blizzards at DQ. Long story short: I started shivering during our conversation – not a good thing for me. Let’s just call it an "Emotional Blizzard," shall we? Needless to say, we hit on some issues and came to some conclusions. We prayed with each other before she went home and I ended up sleeping well.

She has finished her exam by now and she is coming with me to Vancouver tonight because I am DJing at Broadway Church's young adults – thanks to Blake.

I really have to nail some things down. I am stoked on DJing tonight but if my priorities were better plotted out, I would be at home catching up. We'll see how it goes. ]

[ Tuesday, February 03, 2004 ]

[ Stephanie is back. We had a really good chat over my (extended) lunch break. It had been a while, but it was worth it, and quite encouraging for me. I am a little behind on some things: YFC site, HEAT site, CLCC Youth site, Flyte site, film ideas, music, the list could go on and on. Needless to say, since youth is at the PS Jones tomorrow night, I think I will stay home and work.

Tonight was good. God is good. It’s rad to be able to sing old songs in a service and still know that God is being glorified. That’s how I know knew songs are just as much worship. Vespers has been an excellent opportunity for me to give God what He deserves – my living sacrifice. ]

[ Monday, February 02, 2004 ]

[ So much down time. I have been sick since Wednesday night, but a lot has still happened. Just not the stuff that I am now running behind in.

We finally got a DV to FireWire cable for Dean's HD cam on Friday night. It's all about film.

I rented tonnes of film over the course of my impromptu physical degradation. One of which was "1984" on Saturday evening with Jeff, Becky, Erin, and Stephanie. We than took hot chocolate on a walk around Fish Trap Creek and Gardner park, and upon returning home, drove to Langley for Denny's at 3:00am. So good.

Sunday consisted of sleeping through church *shame* and then a meeting about the building designs for our new church. Really excited to see the Lord work everything out. The rest of the day was catch-up work for me and some "Making of Indiana Jones." Ripping good show old boy! ]

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