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[ Wednesday, March 31, 2004 ]

[ God is bigger... ]

[ So much has happened! I wrote last Tuesday after Vespers so that means it has been about one week and 12 hours later. First and foremost: Shout out to Jenne! And now, the journal...

Wednesday was youth but not as usual. The Omega team form Summit came out and joined us. It was a good night and I know God set things on hearts. He always does.

Thursday brought me into Burnaby for a Y2Marketing workshop and eventually the reason I just gave a shout out to Jenne: long story, but a fantastic one. God is good; God is faithful; God is loving. Ask me about it and I’ll fill you in. I am so excited!

Friday we had our third Underground. It turned out to be our best night so far. Just rad sets by James, Blake and (dare I say) myself. We had everyone on the floor by the end of the night and I think people had a really great time. I know Erin did.

Early the next morning I was spinning at Flashpoint for their climbing competition. I tell you, I played a fantastic three-hour set, but boy was I tired by the end of that appointment. In fact I also had to supply the sound system which onlu added to the stress and manual labour level. But it went really well though. As soon as that was over I had to be at a marketing meeting for work, which took about two and a half hours. After that I was tired. Danika, James, Maria, Erin and I ended up watching 21 Grams later that evening.

Sunday brought a great Mexican meal thanks to my mommy’s fine cooking. Then some more work and a trip to Cascade falls with Chris. We came back to watch Chasing Amy and that was our evening.

Monday brought young adults and a great chill-sesh with Jen, Stephanie and Kyle from Summit.

Last night instead of Vespers I have decided to be part of the YFC Bus ministry on Tuesday night – Vespers will be over soon anyway because all the college kids will be gone, which is why I need to be part of the Bus ministry.

And now were up to Wednesday morning. I am about to go have lunch with Chad and tonight I am leading the music at youth. Keep me in prayer because I know God wants to use me but I have to let Him work through me, completely.

Peace and Grace. ]

[ Tuesday, March 23, 2004 ]

[ I just finished editing a piece that may never see the light of day, or may be turned into graphic prose. We shall see. It was written a close to a year ago and I think I am finally finished.

I was solemn at Vespers tonight. There is a lot on my mind and it didn’t help that the object of this evenings prose brought my demeanour even lower upon returning home. Some will never know my hearts cry.

Friday night Blake and I were both out of our element. But when all was said and done we had a good time – and that is what counts. Natasha came out too and despite how I thought things went, apparently she had a good time as well. Sweedish.

Saturday saw me at YFC Mission (Station-X) to provide the evening sound sculpting. I think that's a good name for what I do. That or sonance composting. Meh. The night was strange and unfortunately technology failed us again, but the night brought some good connections and moods. Thank you Lord.

Sunday was my first set in my own church. After countless sermon scores at youth this was my first score for our church. A little daunting but I believe the change was welcome, accepted, and positive.

D3 sort of fell through. No mention on why or how, just that we were saved by a wonderful film called Groundhog Day. Good times. I later decided to phone some friends for a prayer gathering of which only Kyle could make it. It turned out better that way anyway – God knows what's up. Bless you Kyle.

Lori came out to young adults on Monday night. Really good to see you back in action.

Today I passed my drivers test. Goodbye N. Goodbye. See ya. Take it easy. Enjoy.

Writing this has lifted me. Lord, give me rest tonight and help me find the root. Amen. ]

[ Friday, March 19, 2004 ]

[ Unreal! My time has been so stretched lately. Obviously I haven't written for ages but it's not because nothing is new. I won't fill you in on every detail, but just some things of note.

First some points to focus on: Check the news page for some upcoming scenes I'll be playing. Check out HeatOnline.ca for a huge announcement. If you're interested in missions for this summer, why not take The Plunge?

Going way back to February 29th, the ComiCon was swell and I have a small gallery up from that day. Blake and I threw our first DJ underground on March 5th. We're having another this Friday. Check the news section.

We missed Pedro on March 6th, but I haven't heard anything about the show from anyone so no hard feelings. I went to a Greek cooking class with my mom on March 9th. Expect me to be putting together an East Indian cooking class soon for some young adults. We hit Battle of the Bands 8 last Friday. Good performances by all the bands including Venere (minus Joshua - prayers go out to his mom) and In Medias Res. Apparently I have a cameo on their new DVD. Sweedish! Erin, Becky, Jeff and I ended up hanging out with some girls from the island that came over. Thanks for the great night Lisa and Amy.

Speaking of prayer, Lori is in the hospital in New West. Keep her in prayer too. Monday night brought a fantastic new spin at young adults: very personal and intimate encounter with the living God. He really broke my heart for my friends. Don't let me forget that Father. That night at young adults actually really got my week off beautifully. God has been renewing the joy of my salvation. Despite everything going on I am joyous. That and Chad hooked me on David Crowder! I just picked up Illuminate on Wednesday after work. So good!

That's the short run-down. And in closing, a little something I've ganked from Brian and Teo...

Excited about what God is doing... ]

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