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[ Tuesday, April 27, 2004 ]

[ Those of you who know me understand that I do not use the word "intense" too often. My weekend was intense...

Friday I backed up Darcy at Revolution. The Spirit really synched us; it was quite an experience for both of us but I think for me most of all. After that I had my last chat with Blake before he took off for the summer. We may chill over the summer, Lord willing, but then we may not. He did leave me his decks, mixer and vinyl over the break though. Sweedish! Side Note: I just received a ton of new vinyl in the mail from a great online store in the UK called City16. They have, I assume, taken over Hooj.com as Hooj has recently gone under but had kept up there online store – until now. The thing that gets me is that the store is located in the UK and I found my vinyl today in my mail box only five days after I ordered it! Insane.

Saturday I had a very reflective day and reflection is generally synonymous with emotional and heavy. Needless to say I was by myself a lot and finished the day off with a really good chat with Becky and Jeff. God bless you guys.

Sunday held service as normal and then D3 came later. I am really trying to figure our group out but we are so diverse and people are being lost and unfulfilled in the shuffle: Not good. Nevertheless I pray God’s will is done through the group or that if not He will stop it. One way or the other, Lord. And so, after another hectic D3 I had a very huge talk with Danika. Needless to say there were heavy hearts and a lot of tears from both of us - me especially after she left. I guess her and I are similar in the way we keep it together for the sake of those around... most of the time.

Other than that it was good to be refreshed at young adults last night and tonight is the Bus. Good times. Check the news for some another upcoming event I am spinning at. I am also going to see Way Out West at the Commodore on May10th - really excited. ]

[ Monday, April 19, 2004 ]

[ What a weekend. Both IMR and DS Sutton played fantastic sets. It was such a blast to have them back together again and in Abbotsford no less. I ended up hanging out with Becky, Erin, Chris and Casey until 5:30am Saturday morning at which time – after we watched Rushmore – I went home to bed and they went to Denny’s for breakfast. What can I say? I had to play Freestate that night.

Freestate was a blast but I was so drained afterwards. It is just a challenge to my natural personality type to be all hyped up, you know? I really had to stretch and even then I found I was losing myself in Venere’s music instead of being ready to fill the gaps. Sorry guys but I was digging being on stage with you being in action. So great!

Pastor Jim had a great message about the purpose of corporate worship services: church. What really got me was what he had to say about prophesy. I have been hearing the same thing all over the place and it was great to have confirmed in my own congregation.

Our D3 group along with some other friends went to see Hellboy. It was really a blast. You cannot go into a movie like that thinking that it will be the best film of the year though, otherwise you won’t appreciate it. It had some good laughs and some good action and it was a lot of fun. Totally worth it.

My article entitled “Pejorative Sexuality” is now up at CLCC Youth.com. Go check it out.

Final note: Joshua and his family need prayer. Please. He has been on my heart so heavy lately and there was even a bigger impact after Freestate. Pray for healing, peace and strength. ]

[ Thursday, April 15, 2004 ]

[ Alas, another week has come and gone. In it I have seen Keela, Full Life, another early morning at Denny’s, another sleep in until 5:00pm, a trip to Chilliwack only to discover they have no food there, a lot of food on Monday night at my home and four other homes, a night on the curve at the Bus, and another great night at youth. God working through.

I am leaving soon to meet up with Jainee and Trista, we’ll wait and see how that goes. I need more time to be and do. IMR and DS Sutton Friday night, and Freestate on Saturday night. Oh, and Will is getting married!! Rock on bro.

My Cuthbert article should be posted soon. I wrote it from midnight Sunday until 3:00am. I needed to vent. ]

[ Thursday, April 08, 2004 ]

[ Tonight I finally get to chill with Keela. It has been a long time and I hope things work out. Who knows what to talk about in a situation like that?

Prayer was good at Bateman today – and I thought I didn’t have anything to talk about. Help me be obedient Lord.

I am really intent on writing another article for the youth site regarding Elisha Cuthbert in her new film, "The Girl Next Door." I’ll post a link when I have one.

Have a great night; my head hurts from this Cuthbert thing... ]

[ Tuesday, April 06, 2004 ]

[ The Bus is tonight again. That means it has been another week since I wrote last. Hmmm... recap?

Youth was pretty intense and I don’t use that word very often. God really moved but at the same time I think a good portion of the youth were intimidated while others dove right in. As I wrote before: God is bigger.

Friday night allowed me to see some great bands. I had never heard Second or Hejira before but I am glad I did. Can’t wait for more. The fog machine made me almost hurl though. I also lost my mirror at 7-11. Actually it was more of a "my-mirror-was-punched-off-by-some-drunk-kid" kind of thing. I’ve been praying for those kids though. God has more. It turned into a really heavy night for me - some of my "relational" struggles returned. It’s ironic because I have a feeling they will return in full force in about one month’s time. I slept in a lot on Saturday due to the heaviness of the previous night.

Sunday was a new day. Good message in church - Pastor Jim was really passionate about it and it floored me. I appreciate his heart. God bless him. Our D3 group went to the Rock Garden in Burnaby and I was only floored even more by the message. Rick Watts spoke from Isaiah 40 - 55 and it was the first time in a long time where I actually felt the presence of my Lord during teaching. I feel the Lord during quite time with Him, during times of intense emotional burden, in times when I am worshipping Him and blessing his name, but not often during a teaching. The last time I vividly remember was during Mike Pilivachi’s sermon on "Jesus: The perfect Worshipper." Whew! Unfortunately the message went over a lot of the heads of my D3 group, but those who caught even a little were blessed: the word of the Lord does not return to Him empty, it will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which it was sent.

Brian and I were the only ones at prayer this morning but I would have been there regardless. After last night at young adults and then talking with Blake and all the stuff going on, prayer is important. So many people on my heart.

Blessings... ]

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