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[ Friday, May 21, 2004 ]

[ I am off to Historymaker in Kamloops this weekend and I am backing up Darcy and Leanne on the Monday morning. Pray hard. This weekend is going to be attacked from every direction. Lord have your way with us. ]

[ Friday, May 14, 2004 ]

[ Word on the street says that I will be playing at Historymaker this year on the Monday morning. Sweedish. ]

[ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ]

[ Way Out West was amazing! Both Nick and Jody played a great set of progressive electro beats and then they did a tonne of live stuff with live female vocals... I don't even know the girls name. Erin, Maria, Lori, Kyle and I all danced like mad and had a blast. What a night.

When I got home after the show I actually stayed up and watched "The Missing". No time for reviews now - I am scanning Maya's artwork.

Remind me, Father, to pray for the kids I connect with on the Bus. Don't let me forget.

Peace and Grace. ]

[ Monday, May 10, 2004 ]

[ I finally have the ability to record my mixes with relative ease. I have Blakes gear set up in our guest room plugged in to a cassette recorder. Since doing this I have discovered one truth: I suck. Well, not really, but I haven't "really" mixed in so long that I really need to pull up my socks. Hopefully this new set up will aid my ambitions of becoming the greatest bedroom DJ the world has ever known! [insert megalomaniacal laughed here]

In other news we are heading out to see Way Out West tonight and I am stoked. You'll hear about it soon. ]

[ Friday, May 07, 2004 ]

[ I am off to Delta tonight (check the news) to DJ for No Boundaries. Prayer would be rad; I am stoked.

I hung with Will and Jen last night and watched Ravenous - so crazy.

Just a premature word to those interested: I may be doing a DJ workshop for a Canada wide student leadership conference in September. I sent in the application today and I have been pretty much guaranteed a spot. ]

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