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[ Sunday, July 25, 2004 ]

[ Not really sure what to write. I really have to stay on top of prayer though. I feel so convicted and yet, even during this free time I have out of nowhere, I am so busy with the things that I never get a good opportunity to work on.

I don't think I will go see IMR tonight. I would really like to use that 6 hour time and finish off everything that has been lagging behind. You know, get up to par on work, youth, chores, odds & ends, that kind of thing. It would be good.

I will schedule a prayer hour tonight as well. I need to seek God, I want to hear Him and have his direction in my life, and I want to see my friends saved. ]

[ Tuesday, July 20, 2004 ]

[ Whew! Good times. Life is good because God is good, all the time.

Bethany stopped by this evening to share an encounter she had at Starbucks. We only chatted for 5 minutes but since I haven't seen her in one month, it was refreshing. Re-evaluate at the mailbox.

It's odd but, while Dean is gone on holidays, I am getting way more done at work than I usually do. Funny how that works; I am even enthusiastic about it.

I tried doing some audio posting for my Vancouver Island trip, but for some reason they didn't work, and that means I have no idea where they are! So strange. The trip was great though, but yeah, strange. I missed the 8:00pm ferry by about 10 minutes so I waited until the 9:00pm came through, which got me to the 24-Prayer by 11:30pm. I ended up staying there until 6:00am and then slept on Curtis' floor. The next day I drove out to Nanoose Bay for the pre-teen camp, but unfortunately wasn't allowed to stay overnight there. Meaning I made it back to Victoria once more by 11:30pm. Again I stayed up until 5:30am-ish after watching "American History X" with Curtis and Amy. I was pumped to hang with Joshua and the others on Saturday downtown, but it was really weird. We couldn't get ahold of Joshua and I lost all of my enthusiasm within 10 minutes of eating a slice of dollar pizza. I couldn't figure it out and for the rest of my weekend, even coming up to last night, I just felt so... docile. I couldn't figure it out. Well, the trip was good all the same.

I had some alone time tonight – I still have to get on the CLCC Youth.com web work though. Lots ahead of me. Tomorrow night I am chilling with Brian, Thursday is movie night – outdoors! – and IMR is playing on Sunday night. Man, God is good. ]

[ Thursday, July 08, 2004 ]

[ Brian just took off. We had a really great night of dreaming for God and chatting about our ideas for young adult ministry. So great. I am stoked on what the Lord has in store for me and for our church. He is rising up leaders, rising up ideas, and raising us all up as a hub of God activity in our community... in our city. I can’t wait, but I know I have to.

Pray for: Joshua, Joshy, Lindsay, young adult ministry, Colin. ]

[ I had a really good talk with Kyle last night after youth, and an equally good, yet much more resonant, talk with Lindsay during youth. With that said it is hard to maintain integrity when you look at your life as a series of moments: far easier to give in than to walk away. Lead me in Your paths of righteousness. ]

[ Wednesday, July 07, 2004 ]

[ There are some new upcoming events posted.

I got all of my lighting/aesthetics gear in the mail on Monday. I am really fired up about this coming year for where God will take me in His plans for DJing. I can't wait actually, but I am learning patience - for these reasons and other issues gong on as well.

Will, James, Glen, Erin, and Renee all came over last night to watch... uh, a crappy movie. Enough said. We are planning to watch Gremlins this weekend though to make up for it. That reminds me to set that up...

Blake, thank you for your response. Love you bro. Amy, still waiting to hear from you – no pressure ;)

Brian and I are finally getting together tomorrow night to jam, chat, dream, and organize. Very excited about that.

Pray for: Josh, Sophia, Jenne, the Streets (as in the family from church, not the UK rapper – yeah, pray for him too).

Tonight is youth: I am playing bass and hanging out with Kris and Kyle after. Should be good. ]

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