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[ Wednesday, September 29, 2004 ]

[ I got a call from Darcy the other day. He has a bunch of gigs for me to do and I am stoked to be working with him again - it's been a while since Historymaker.

I am off this weekend to play bass for a junior youth conference in the Okanogan. I am not a bass player - although Chad encourages me enough that I am a quick learner - but I think we'll have fun. If anything it will be a good experience. Learning, serving, uniting... yeah, excited.

Still trying to gather my thoughts for this worship thing (last post) on Thursday. So much being revealed, I need to focus. We'll see what transpires. ]

[ Sunday, September 26, 2004 ]

[ You are forgiven.

That is a testament in itself. Help me to understand and believe it.

I am slowly pulling together an exposition on creativity in worship. There have been books written on the subject and I am finding it difficult to find the facet that will be most beneficial to cover in the short time I have: 15 minutes. I need to sift through the rhetoric and opinions, extract the ideals and persuasions to find the core, the centre, the passion. The Father's heart. What is worship? And where do we fit into it? ]

[ Friday, September 24, 2004 ]

[ Well I just finished my DJ workshop at Yale Secondary for the (insert drum roll sfx here) 2004 Canadian Student Leadership Conference! It went over very well I think. It's great how you can tell in the first 15 minutes who was there for a purpose and who was there to kill time. I tell you, if I was in a city I had never been before, and I didn't want to be learning, I would ditch the workshop's all together... not just sit on my hands the whole time wishing for the session to be over.

Anyway, I hope some of those interested parties drop me a line. It seems that there isn't a lot of information you can get on the subject of DJing - unless you know somebody - when you are just trying to start out. I hope everybody thought things went well. Let me know your thoughts. ]

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