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[ Tuesday, October 19, 2004 ]

[ Last night I was at Cedar Springs in Sumas with Darcy and Gavin - Yeah, first show in the USA! It was a great experience. I backed Darcy as he spoke to a Vineyard leadership conference about emerging leaders: mentoring and passing the mantle to our young leaders, based on Joshua and Moses. It was a very powerful message.

I couldn't help but praise God when He worked everything out, after I forgot some of the most important gear of a DJ: headphones and adapters. I managed to totally spam some connections with the help of Mark and things went off wonderfully.

The Underground was brilliant last Friday night. We had a great crowd, great DJ's and a great time. Thanks to everyone who made it out - especially to those who came from further than Abbotsford. Hope we see everyone back on the 29th for some choons from James Almeida. ]

[ Sunday, October 10, 2004 ]

[ Happy Thanksgiving!

Things have been a little random this weekend as my parents are away this weekend. No matter. I am at the Lucas' where I just finished an amazing turkey dinner and I'm chilling with Kyle for a bit.

Anyway, there is an Underground this Friday. Check out the new website and join the mailing list if your interested. It would be cool to see some new faces out this week as DJ "Disco" Steve will be out from Vancouver to spin for us.

Take care and blessings. ]

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