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[ Tuesday, November 30, 2004 ]

[ Well, I am off to see Sparta tonight at the Commodore... I'll let you know how it goes... natch!

BTW, still plugging away at dHTML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS. You know you're a nerd when: You get excited about all the new programming languages you're learning and all the "neat" things you can do now. If only this kind of exercise gave me nice abs, thighs, and a cardiovascular workout instead of trouble sleeping at night. ]

[ Sunday, November 28, 2004 ]

[ I finally got the web development books I have been waiting for. For you: "That's, uh... great Darin." For me: "Database driven web development, here I come! Woot!" Yes I am a nerd.

I was supposed to go to Mars Hill today. Things were so hectic, I had already planned to go to the Rock Garden. I assumed I wouldn't be able to go to my church so I bailed on Alyne and Stephanie. Late last night I find out that things look a lot different than I assumed. So, I didn't got to my church this morning anyway, I am bailing on the Mars Hill trip to Seattle, I have been working on the web all morning instead, and I will go to the Rock Garden tonight. Done.

I did have a good chill-session with Joshua and Luke last night though in Langley. Little bit of sushi, little bit of EA, some praying, some chatting: totally blessed. Other than that, I will let you know how the Rock Garden is tonight and Sparta on Tuesday. Nice. ]

[ Wednesday, November 24, 2004 ]

[ I am still being shaken up...

I didn't buy new shoes from Moores. I went in looking for them, but they were all sold out in my size. This metaphor gets better and better.

I am developing a vision for young adults. I ranted for about six minutes on my DVR (Digital Voice Recorder) and I am so excited to see what God will do. He is already flooring me continually. I desire for it to be His will though... something I must continue to be in. Blake also encouraged the vision.

I have posted an event in the News section. Blake, James, and I are DJing for a TWU Christmas Party on December 18th. So stoked! ]

[ Thursday, November 18, 2004 ]

[ It has been a good past few days. Still making decisions on how I am going to handle the aforementioned "shoe shopping" but I know for my own sanity and desire to live life without regrets, I must buy shoes and do so quickly. It's funny how shoes always seems to be the currency of metaphorical trade. This isn't the first time shoes have burdened my heart.

I am looking forward to words with Brian and Jeremy; circumstances have reached an inevitable pinnacle and I now believe are properly timed.

Lord, continue to speak to me and pour out your wisdom upon my life; a wisdom that laughs at the ways of this world. ]

[ Monday, November 15, 2004 ]

[ There is a lump in my stomach and I haven't even eaten. What can be said for this? An innervation I haven't experienced in a long time... All for lack of timing - missed it by that much. We shall see what happens... I really need to find shoes at Moores.

This weekend was grande. The incident aforementioned made me feel human again not to mention spending an entire weekend blessing my friends and being blessed by them. So many people getting married, and now married of course - bless you Stephanie and Jason.

Measureless permutation foaming up; but, alas in the wake of newness, the waves of the past pound the shore with more fervor. Swarming memories and teeming recollections. Waiting for the tide to surrender my footprints and begin again. ]

[ Tuesday, November 09, 2004 ]

[ Merge was brilliant. At first, talking to Jeremy and Keela, I had set in my mind that I was there to minister and not be ministered to. Not in the sense that I had attained the finish line and couldn't be taught or blessed anymore, but that I felt more obligated to bless than to be blessed. The Lord always seems to floor me. I learned so much and grew so much and was blessed so much I couldn't even handle it! It was mad! The Truth that I heard blew me away. So intense. On top of that I did bless people as well. What a weekend. So refreshed and so much more to keep running for. ]

[ Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ]

[ I haven't posted in ages... OK two weeks, but still not cool.

Things have been amazing lately. What I mean by that is the Lord has been talking to me consistently: to the point where I had to get a digital voice recorder so I don't forget or miss anything. Just floored. I am ditching time with friends to study the Word. I have a plethora of lectures I am working on at one time; everything from Dead Faith to Awe Versus Predictability and it doesn't stop there.

God has also opened up many more doors with DJing - not without closing a few though: the Underground has been cancelled. Needless to say, I know there is reason behind it.

Tonight is youth and tomorrow I am helping out with a night of worship and prayer at Broadway in preparation for the Merge. I also had an opportunity to put feet to faith last night and bless Trista... so intense.

Talk soon. ]

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