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[ Sunday, December 19, 2004 ]

[ When all is said and done, that Christmas party at David's house went off! I had such a great night, despite all the nonsense. It seems that everyone had things going on: relationships, cops, music tastes, drugs... it sounds bad, but all this went down at the Underground too ;)

Anyway, I had a blast. David was such an amazing host and his bro Sam was so great. Bless you guys. Long story short we had to play to a really tough crowd. We knew from the very start if we played for the crowd the whole night we would never leave the hip-hop scene. Don't get me wrong, hip-hop is good. I am very eclectic in my musical styles, but none of us really plays hip-hop.

As it turned out, I opened the night with house, moving into progressive house and then some atmospheric trance. If it wasn't for one girl sitting on the couch digging the tunes in her own way and my boy Philip, I would have lost all the nerve to continue. Needless to say, I think I played a great set that just happened to fall on deaf ears.

Next up: James. Our plan was to give the crowd what the wanted (or at least what they thought they wanted - more later): hip-hop. And then transition into some garage and bring it all the way back to some four-on-the-floor house beats. In effect we would bring the crowd onto the floor with what they "knew" how to dance to, slowly kick up the tempo, and have them dancing to what I had opened with. It worked perfectly! James was the man and pulled everyone in and kept the there.

As a matter of fact, we had enough people going that when Blake pulled out a really hard techno set we only lost a bit of momentum, but I stayed on the floor and people started to follow suit. Soon we had a floor full of pseudo techno-heads. Brilliant.

I closed the night with (not to sound presumptuous, but with all the acclaim I received) an amazing trance set. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. My brother DJ's and especially the man, David Skidmore.

Merry Christmas all... I hope I hear from the people I gave cards out to. ]

[ Thursday, December 09, 2004 ]

[ I can't believe I didn't follow up. Sparta was great. They put on a really good show and after hearing some of frontman Jim Ward's heart, I have a new found respect for him and the band. Not only that, but without Jeff's push of his scene of music, I guarantee I would not have ever heard any of their stuff... including the likes of The Mars Volta, Copeland and Emery... so good.

Other than Sparta's performance, the preceding bands gave me nothing to write about... really.

Since than I have still been drowning in this thing called patience. It is so hard to feel that you are being led by the Lord in one direction and to come up against so much opposition. I mean, I am no Nehemiah, but it is still so frustrating.

I have been able to break from the web stuff for a bit, but soon I will be back at it for the purpose of our work site: Flyte Enterprises.com

Make sure to check out the Christmas party I am playing with Beatkeeper and James in the News section. ]

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