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[ Monday, July 11, 2005 ]

[ As previously surmized, everything is now different. Although I haven't posted for more then four weeks, my hypothesis remains the same... I just haven't written for more than four weeks. So, in the same breath, my reflection on discipline also remains intact.

We - Jeremy, Mandeep, Ricky, Kris, and I - have just returned from Edmonton, Alberta. Returned from five days of brainstorming, observing, evaluating and dreaming for future young adult ministry in our community. We had meetings with leaders, leadership teams, young adults as well as attended evening and morning church gatherings. We deliberated and planned, strategized and conceived and only the Lord and the future know what is in store. The important thing is that we are starting. As simple and as straight forward as that may sound, we now must begin. What that will turn into will be left for the Lord to mold.

Points of note:
- If at any given point in time you are going to (exasperate) people, you may as well choose the people you are going to (exasperate).
- There are no similarities between good leaders and bad leaders exclusive of the fact they both take risks. The difference is that a good leader has enough discernment to know when the risk is counterproductive.
- It doesn't take a leader an extraordinarily good idea for them to succeed. A good leader takes an ordinarily good idea and acts on it quicker than the rest. ]

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