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[ Monday, August 22, 2005 ]

[ It's been quite some time.

Chubb started off very difficult this year. After a talk with Angus (the Chad) it took a turn for the better. I'm Angus, I like to disco, I'm so cool.

I will be speaking at the Merge this year: a workshop on the vast topic of worship. We shall see where that leads. Once I have filled out the "Speakers Agreement Form" I will post the title and description of my talk. Looking forward to it.

Her name is Jennifer Krobath. You're probably wondering how a girl like her arrived here. She is a bounty hunter... Sorry, bad joke.

There is a massive party coming up for the Labour Day Long Weekend. Check out the news for more info.

Prayer: more time for studying the scriptures and DJing, self-discipline, youth website and young adults. ]

[ Friday, August 05, 2005 ]

[ ... and so begins a new chapter.

She said "Cap'n'Crunch"! ]

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