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[ Thursday, February 23, 2006 ]

[ Everything seems so close. To borrow a line from one of my many favourite films, "So much time and so little to do... Wait. Scratch that, reverse it."

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have drawn back - almost instinctively - toward all things "web development." It may be because I have finally been brought back to the CLCC Youth.com redesign but aside from that I think this goes deeper. I love to create, strategize, analyze, organize, and re-create. That is how I have been created and these actions bring me to life. In the words of a good friend and colleague, "The world needs more people who are fully alive."

I have been reading and researching and enjoying every minute of it. On any given day I do not have the time of day to sit down and read an article that is industry related or business relevant. However, maybe my definition of "not time" needs clarification: I do not make time for things that provide me with no instant gratification.

Now I've done it. If that isn't everyone's "real" issue.

I see this come up in every aspect of my life. I will skip meals and routine personal hygiene while working on a project of personal importance, performing recreational activities of significant interest, or studying the scriptures for the purpose of teaching. I forget - rather, shut off my receptors too - what is happening around me and maintain a level of focus that is unrivaled in areas of my life that I actually desire this focus: important projects I do not really care about, recreational activities that seem of nominal interest, or reading my bible and knowing Jesus when not for the purpose of sharing with others. It isn't that the objects of my affection are negative or wrong - or, conversely, the objects I disregard are positive or divine. It isn't that I don't see a value in these overlooked obstacles; in fact I pray earnestly for the "want" to do these things. I believe it is related to two internal ideals: sacrifice and nature (read: in the image of our Creator.)

To be continued... ]

[ Friday, January 27, 2006 ]

[ Our invitations are back from the printers - I will post them soon. We are very happy with them and are planning to start mailing them out (envelopes, stamps, labels, etc.) as soon as possible. If you don't get one in the mail we will either give you one in person or we may have forgotten about it. In that case please let me know as these things happen, we are human after all. Hopefully no hard feelings.

I have been working on the GroundWork website for a few hours now and we have things up and running. In the future we will have more content and quite possibly a different design. We will see how things go. It kind of fits with the "Welcome to the Island" motif of up and coming announcement chime... you'll find out what I mean soon enough.

I guess I should update my home page soon to. Wow, things do get away from me now don't they? ]

[ Wednesday, January 18, 2006 ]

[ We should be able to get our photos taken tonight for our invitations. I will post the pictures of both invitations in the near future: ceremony and reception.

We are finally rolling with a website for young adults. We have called it GroundWork but for now it points to Jeremy's blog as we haven't got the ball rolling on the design or content part of the site yet... and yet some people think that is the only part of having a web site.

I also had a very encouraging and very epic conversation with David today over lunch. We dialogued on everything from worship to marriage, dreams to church leadership. I left very blessed and praising Jesus... that is Christian community. ]

[ Monday, January 16, 2006 ]

[ The weekend was good in hindsight, but definitely had it's share of difficult decisions. We are through the worst of it now, praise the Lord, but there will always be hardships in our midst. That is life.

We have decided on a church and are still in the process of invitations, booking and planning. We were able to put together a makeshift budget on the weekend as well that will hopefully serve as a benchmark for our upcoming purchases... although neither of us know what to really expect.

I may also be DJing at Convergence this week... we'll see what comes of that.

God is good. If we cease to believe that it is inevitable that everything else will come crashing down. ]

[ Wednesday, January 11, 2006 ]

[ We finally bought a colour printer at work. Here's to easier, more efficient marketing campaigns and less money spent at the printers.

James Almeida is designing Jen and my invitations for our ceremony and reception. Really looking forward to having them finished and sent out.

We had our first young adults gathering of the year last night at Classic Rhythm. It went very well. We had a lot of new faces out and rather than doing dishes - as I have for the past few weeks - I held some good dialogues with people. We are still in the process of building our leadership team but I think things will begin to pick up speed soon. I have a... feeling.

"Jesus, thank you for my gurl Jennifer and the friends that have stuck by me through my life up to this point. The people that have helped me through past relationships and heartbreaks, the people I have built and created with, the people I have walked with. Help my new relationship to be a cornerstone in other's lives for healing, reconciliation and peace. Amen." ]

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